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Hans Sitt Violin Etudes Opus 32Hans Sitt lived from 1850 till 1922 and played violin and viola. He was a famous teacher and composer and his father was a violin maker. At the age of 17 Hans Sitt was already appointed as concertmaster of the Breslau Opera Orchestra. More about Sitt and his musical works can be found here.

The original title is in German 100 Etüden als Unterrichtsmaterial zu jeder Violinschule zu gebrauchen. Translated to English this would be 100 Studies for Use as a Supplement to Any Violin Method. The 100 violin etudes come in five books. The first book is completely in first position. The other books focus on the positions and later on shifting between the positions. The last book is about double stops.

Below you can find my recordings of the etudes I’ve been practicing. Hope you enjoy. :-)