Who likes violin etudes? Many violinists and especially beginners don’t like them. They think it’s boring, it’s too hard, it’s not necessary, … Of course what we want in the end is perform a nice piece or this song we love so much. It’s not very likely we’ll perform an etude. But practicing etudes helps us to perform our pieces better.

Why we should practice etudes

Violin Etudes

Actually, I became to love violin etudes. I love them because etudes help me to focus on one particular aspect of playing the violin. For example there are etudes that focus on slurring notes. The notes themselves are not hard so you don’t have to give that so much focus. You can fully focus on improving clean slurs. Other etudes let you focus on sustained notes, rhythm, string crossings, bow division, staccato, dynamic control, and so on.

If you regularly practice etudes, you’ll notice that it becomes easier to play your pieces. In the etudes each technique is practiced separately and in the pieces you combine everything. Often you’ll find that the “harder parts” in a piece look very much like something you’ve practiced in an etude thus making it easier to learn your pieces.

Every good violin teacher will tell you that it is important to establish a good practice routine, which consists of scales, etudes and pieces. Etudes need to be part of it anyway. And since many people don’t like that part so much I wanted to dedicate this page to etudes. I am a beginner violinist so I won’t be doing tutorials on how to play these etudes, but I will share the things I have learned and how it has helped me and I hope this will motivate you too! I will be adding new videos of me playing violin etudes regularly.

Some beginner violin etudes

Violin Etudes I’ve practiced