About violinist Mariko BarraHi there, I’m Mariko Barra and I am a self-taught beginner adult violinist. I’ve started playing the violin in June 2015 at the age of 30 years. As a child and teenager I have been playing the clarinet and learned to read music. Being able to read music is a great help now of course. So, I didn’t have to start from zero when I first took up the violin.

There is no violin teacher close to where I live, so I am self-taught now, learning through YouTube videos, forums and books about violin playing. It’s quite some journey! I am soooo excited that I finally am playing the violin and I’d love to share what I learned with others who are learning to play the violin too.

Diary of an Adult Violinist

Violin Diary of an adult violinist
In “My Violin Diary” I tell you about my struggles and joys with the violin, about my goals, the teachers I follow on YouTube, the books I use, and more.

Violin Blog

Violin Blog
In my blog, I share everything I’ve learned about the violin, inspiring stories, composers, violinists etc.

Violin Etudes

Violin Etudes
Something that’s helping me a lot to improve is practicing etudes. Practicing etudes is not the most popular thing, but I really love it. It’s a great way to work on a particular skill and to get to know your weaknesses and overcome them. :-) In Violin Etudes you will get to know all about it.

Beginner Fiddle Tunes

Fiddle Tunes
I really love this collection of fiddle tunes for beginners. I hope to learn to play each one of them. I’m creating a page for each of these fiddle tunes with some info about the tune and my recording.

My violin progress videos

As a beginner adult violinist and without a private teacher it is sometimes difficult to keep myself motivated. That’s why I like to keep track of my violin progress. It’s so funny to see my videos from a few months ago. When I compare them with how I play now it gives me courage to keep practicing hard so I can keep improving. Every month I upload a new video to this playlist so that it’s easy to have an idea of my violin progress so far. Hope you enjoy it!