To a Wild Rose

To a Wild Rose

To a Wild Rose is part of the Woodland Sketches, written by Edward MacDowell for solo piano. He loved roses very much. This piece made him remember the roses near a cabin he and his wife owned.

The piece is in the key of A Major and is quite simple to play. I’ve only practiced this a couple of time before I recorded it since the notes are very easy. But it is a good piece to work on nice tone. I feel my tone is improving a bit. Hope you think the same! ;-) Also, despite the simplicity of the piece, it is important that you know how to shift before learning the piece. Because halfway the piece it goes up to 4th and 6th position. And almost at the end there is this nice A harmonic on the A string. So you do need some basic shifting experience if you want to try this piece.

The version I used is a transcription for violin and piano. The sheet music and accompaniment can be found here.

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