Barcarolle Offenbach Violin Duet

Barcarolle Offenbach

Barcarolle is also know as Belle-Nuit from the opera Tales of Hoffman by J. Offenbach. Sadly Offenbach wasn’t able to see his opera live, since he died 4 months before it before the premiere. A summary of the opera can be found here.

Below is a beautiful version of Barcarolle, as sung by Anna Netrebko and Elina Garanca.

Barcarolle as a violin duet

When I heard this duet I liked it so much, and I thought that maybe there is a transcription for violin. I searched a bit and found an arrangement for 2 violins and piano on musescore. So that is the version I used. I’ve only added some slurs to make it sound more fluid. And I did a bit of shifting to make vibrato easier.

This version of the song is really not very difficult to play. That made it possible for me focus more on my tone quality and having a more relaxed vibrato. Once I started focusing on my tone, I noticed that really almost every note started with an unpleasant sound. It was really frustrating. But being aware of this problem, I am able to work on that issue. One of the problems I found, is that I don’t put down my left hand fingers fast enough. And I also don’t lift them fast enough, which results in those unpleasant noises. Now I’m trying to correct that. And I’m happy with how the song sounds now. :-)

I hope you will enjoy my violin duet version of Barcarolle by J. Offenbach.

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