Gigue Veracini 3 YEARS violin progress video

3 years violin progress

Today it’s been exactly 3 years since I first started to learn the violin!! And I’m so happy to be playing for you today Gigue by Veracini from Suzuki Book 5. A happy dance song for this wonderful day! As you may know I had started to learn the violin with the Suzuki books. I’ve learned all the pieces from books 1, 2 and 3. But from book 4 and 5 I’ve only chosen those that I really liked. And the Gigue by Veracini is one of the pieces that’s really fun to learn! I thought it would be a nice choice for my 3 years violin progress video. :-)

I am learning now with violin teacher Richard Amoroso from Artistworks. And he made me work mainly on the colle motion for the short note, followed by the long note. This pattern is used many times in this piece and it was a disaster at first. It’s much better now but I still have to continue to work on it.

Goals for year 4

Also for my next year, my main goal will be to produce a better, clean tone and have better vibrato. I feel I really want to focus more on my technique, especially my bowing technique. So I won’t be learning too many new pieces. I won’t make monthly progress videos anymore either since it stresses me to have something new ready every month. It’s not realistic to have a polished piece ready every month. So I will just post whenever I feel like it.

Of course I do have some ideas of pieces I would like to learn in the near future. Here are some ideas I have:

  • “O Sole Mio” violin cover
  • “Barcarolle” by Offenbach for 2 violins
  • “Allegro” by Fiocco from Suzuki book 6
  • “Concerto in E minor Op 7” by Rieding

I’ve also just bought some nice books which I will use to work on my technique and intonation:

  • Shradieck Ecole de la Technique de Violin book 1
  • Sevcik Op 9 Preparatory Studies in Double Stopping
  • Kreutzer 42 etudes

So I’m all set for another great year with my violin!! :yahoo:

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