Kreutzer 8

Kreutzer 8

Last month I haven’t been working on much repertoire. I was mainly focusing on some techniques and a beautiful etude, Kreutzer 8. I can’t play it very fast yet. I heard some recordings of people playing this etude super fast. But it wasn’t actually my goal to play this really fast. I think in the future I will be able to do that. But I believe it’s more important to focus on playing in tune. So I have been working on my intonation, I love how this etude sounds and changes keys.

There are 4 sharps. G# on the D string and D# on the G string were the most challenging for me to consistently play in tune. And there are plenty of accidentals in the etude which makes it not so easy to play correctly. I love how the chords progress but still some notes are a bit out of tune. I think in general my intonation was OK and I will keep working to play more in tune.

Working points

I see in my recording that my upper arm is still moving a lot!! Will have to work on that again… I also want to get rid of hitting other strings. It doesn’t happen all the time, but it still happens. And I am also working on having better tone which will now become easier with the new bow. Hope to do well with that in my next progress video! I am learning a very joyful tune for my 3 years violin progress video :-) I’m very much looking forward to making my next video. For my 1 year and 2 year progress video I chose pieces that were actually to hard for me. This time I have chosen a piece that is not so complicated but very lovely. I hope I will be able to play it with very nice tone and good articulation! Working hard to achieve that!

My new bow

So I finally also have my new bow. It’s the Zlata Carbon Fiber bow. I will soon make a video where I talk more about my new bow. But for now I can already tell you that it is really much more fun to play now. It’s easier to create a clean sound. :yahoo:   :heart:

Till next time! :bye:

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