NEW - Zlata's carbon fiber violin bow

Zlata’s carbon fiber violin bow

Zlata's carbon fiber bowYaaaay I finally have my new bow. I’m so happy with my new violin bow. :yahoo: I chose Zlata’s carbon fiber bow.

I chose to buy from Zlata because I also bought my new violin from Zlata Brouwer last year and I’m very happy with it. So when I read the article about her new bow I wanted to try out that one.

What do I think of my new bow?

From the first moment that I played with it, I could feel it’s much easier to make a good sound. I felt with my previous bow I had to work hard to get a nice full sound. With Zlata’s carbon fiber bow it’s much easier to have a full tone without scratchy sounds.

I think this new violin bow will also make it easier to learn new bow strokes like spiccato. I like how it feels very light. Ah and the rosin that came with it is also great. It’s Vienna’s Best Rosin and it makes the bow just flow over the string. Awesome!

I’m very happy because now it will be fun to work on my bowing technique and I’m sure this bow will help me progress!

2 thoughts on “NEW bow – Zlata’s carbon fiber bow

  1. Hi Marikoli! So happy for you! I’m thinking of buying it too but hopefully not at full price if it goes on sale every now and then. Were you able to avail of the discount?

    1. Hi Frances, sorry for not answering you any sooner, I was sooo busy… But yes I was able to buy the bow with a discount. :-) It seems Zlata is regularly offering discounts for her bows and violins. Just a couple of weeks ago I also read in one of her emails that there was a discount. Did you subscribe to her newsletters? You will then always know when there are discounts, and Zlata also sends great tips and videos.

      I’m still very happy with this bow. I’m focusing a lot now on improving my tone and the bow is helping me to get better results but of course one still needs to work hard for it. ;-)

      Have a great day! :rose:

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