Violin Progress - Concertino in Hungarian Style

Concertino in Hungarian Style

As I wrote last month, I’ve been working very hard to learn Oskar Rieding’s Concertino in Hungarian style Opus 21. I’ve learned an other concerto by the same composer in my first year of playing the violin. It was the Concerto in B minor Opus 35. That one took me 8 months to learn all 3 movements. You can my posts about it here:

I remember I was totally excited about learning my first concerto. :-) But this time I was probably even more excited. :yahoo: I heard this concertino in hungarian style for the first time about two months ago and I was totally like: “I’ve gotta learn this, it sounds sooo amazing”. :heart: And I did learn in it 2 months! I should work on it again, maybe in a couple of months to perfect it. It is really still challenging. There is a lot of fast shifting going on. Also I had troubles playing the arpeggios in the piece. So now playing arpeggios is on my daily to-do list. ;-) I also should be able to add more vibrato which is still very difficult! And the piece should be performed a little faster.

Apart from that I’m very happy with how it sounds now. I’ve definitely improved and I’m very excited to keep learning!

My recording

How did I learn the Concertino

The Concertino in Hungarian Style has a lot of shifting, but it’s always between 1st and 3rd position. So in the past month, I’ve focused a lot to improve my shifting. As you may know I’m learning now through video exchange. My video exchange teacher via Artistworks is Richard Amoroso. He’s been my teacher since 2 months now and this is the first piece I’ve learned with him. :-) It was a wonderful experience and he has given me lots of tips to improve my shifting. And also to work on my tone and bowing technique.

I also used to listen to and watch this recording to have a better idea of the bowing and musicality.

And for backing track I’ve used this source:

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