Bach Double Violin Concerto - Emma and Mariko

Bach Double Violin Concerto

The Bach Double Concerto in D minor is very popular among violinists and I’m pretty sure every violinist learns this at some point in their violin journey. So Emma and I decided to also learn this concerto and finalize the project with a virtual duo.

The idea for the project began on July 15th 2017 which is actually almost 8 months ago!! I was to learn the 2nd violin part and Emma the 1st violin part. We both started practicing and in October we did a first recording. We were so excited to see and hear what the result would be. And we both agreed that it didn’t sound that great. There was lots of room for improvement. There were several rhythm mistakes and intonation was bad at times, especially for my part…

So we took a small break from the piece, because we were a bit tired of the piece. In the meantime Emma also learned my part and I learned hers. Well I never got to really play it well, but here is how far I got with learning the 1st violin part. :whistle:

The final version of our duo

After some break from this piece, we decided to give it another shot and we both worked to play the piece well at metronome speed 70BPM. We recorded with this nice backing track from Virtualsheetmusic. And this is the result of lots of practice and patience!

This time we were both happy with the result. It was very nice to do. But I’m also happy that I can now practice something else. :-) I’ve never spend so much time on learning 1 piece. I usually work on a piece for maximum 4 to 6 weeks. And this one took much more. But I think I’ll have to get used to it, because the pieces I’m choosing now also are larger and more difficult. So I can’t expect to learn them in a short period of time.

Thanks a lot to Emma for keeping me motivated and help me to keep progressing with this piece!! :heart:

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