Violin Progress - 3 octave scale

3 octave scale

This month I have been working on my first 3 octave scale: C Major scale. As you all may know I’m now following the online lessons program at ArtistWorks. Recently the teacher and the curriculum changed so I didn’t talk much about it. Now everything is set and ready. I love the program and the new teacher Richard Amoroso is amazing!! He does focus a lot on scales and so I’m dedicating more time to this aspect now. :-) With the 3 octave scale, there is so much to work on. For now I’m really focused on improving the shifting. I have to learn to shift sooner and cleaner.

I’m using the Carl Flesh scales system. Honestly it really looks very scary. So many notes per page! :wacko: But I will take it one step at a time. First the scale, then the arpeggios. Later on I will look into the chromatic scales and much later, the double stops. ;-)

Violin Proficiency Exercises

I’ve written before about the exercises program by Heather Broadbent. It has 52 exercises, one for every week of the year. I’m learning so much with this program! But I do take more than one week per exercise because they are still pretty difficult for me. For example this month I’ve been working on keeping a good hand frame through the positions. In the exercise you move up from 1st to 7th position, while maintaining the correct distance between 1st and 4th finger. Very useful exercise.

Rieding Concertino Opus 21

This concertino is part of the curriculum in the violin school at ArtistWorks. The first time I heard it, I fell in love with it immediately. It’s so beautiful and I really like to play it! But it is too long to learn in one month. The piece is not that difficult, but there is a lot of fast shifting going on and that is pretty challenging. Also I am focusing on playing with nicer tone. So I’m working hard to be able to play the entire concertino next month! For this month’s video I’m sharing a preview of the concertino.

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