Sarabande Bohm - 2 years 8 months Violin Progress


Sarabande was composed by Carl Bohm, a German composer and songwriter in the 19th century. He was very well known then. Now he is not so well known anymore. But this Sarabande is still being played a lot by violinists. I think this piece is great! It’s really fun to learn. It sounds cool and beautiful, yet is not so difficult to play. I think it might actually be easier than the Country Dance I played last month.


The biggest challenge for me in this piece is to play the chords with nice tone. I find it hard to make them sound beautiful. I never seem to be able to play all 4 notes nicely. At least 1 string is either squeaky or inaudible, except for when I play the chord slowly. But at performance tempo, I feel that I’m putting to much pressure on the bow. It happens automatically in an attempt to make sure to hit both strings but the result is squeaky sounds and shaking bow. And then 1 measure later, there is this very nice melodical part that has to be played more tender. This difference in character is beautiful but it’s not so easy to do that with the bow without extra noises. I worked hard to get that as smooth as possible.

My recording of Sarabande

The sheet music and backing track I used is from this page.

At 2:15 minutes, my favorite passage starts. It’s so soft and gentle. It uses 3rd position on the G string and I like that very much. It required some practice to get the G harmonic to sound on the G string but once it works, it’s so wonderful. I love it!!

Ah and at 1:30 minutes I kind of lost track of the rhythm. :unsure: I could barely hear the backing track and I started rushing. I thought of doing an other recording but I had already made several recordings. And every recording had it’s own troubles. In some my chords sounded horrible or I had some serious intonation mistakes or bow shakes,… So out of all the recordings I did, this one was the best even though there is this part where I started rushing.

Hopefully you enjoyed my recording and explanations about this piece. If you’re learning this one too, I would love to read about it in the comments. ;-)

2 thoughts on “Sarabande Bohm – Violin Progress

  1. Hi Mariko!
    This piece sounds amazing! I really enjoyed listening to it. I am thinking about playing it in my challenge this year, since I really like how it sounds. It’s quite challenging and it’s in not very nice key of g minor. You did really good with the slow part in the middle. It sounds quite emotional. The chords sound good. Have you tried staying on two bottom strings little longer? I think it may help you with catching the g string. It’s visible that you really enjoyed playing this piece ;)
    Have a nice week!

    1. Hi Emma,
      Thank so much for your comments! I’m happy you like this piece. It is really great to play and it won’t be difficult for you at all. I find it’s easier than the Bach Double ;-) That’s a great tip. I will try to stay a bit longer on the lower 2 strings. :-)
      Have a nice week too, and good luck with your challenge!

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