I recently spotted a piano challenge taking place fourth time on the Pianoworld forums. I immediately liked the idea of a whole challenge. As a huge fan of learning and sightreading new repertoire, so I decided to try my best and try to finish this challenge as my new year resolution.


Link to original 2018 thread on Pianoworld forum: http://forum.pianoworld.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/2700076/1/40-pieces-a-year-club-for-2018.html


The Goal: Learn 40 pieces in a year


How to pursue my goal:

Playing 40 pieces a year means that i need to complete 3.3 pieces every month. Most of them will be short term projects (1-2 weeks of learning) that means they need to be easier than my long term projects (3-4 months of learning) that I am working on with my teacher. To rank pieces I will use RCM Violin Sylabus – it grades more repertoire than any other violin sylabus. I am currently at level 8/9, but I’ve worked on grade 10 etudes. In my challenge I will chose my short term projects from grades 5-7 and long term projects spanning from grade 8 to 10. I want to work on


Why I am doing this challenge:

This challenge opens a huge discussion whether quality or quantity is more important in learning the craft. I believe that both of them are equally important to become better player.

Quality means for me long term work striving to perfection. When you want to play something really well you need to put in a lot of time working on each problem to reach a solid level when you can play certain piece more mechanically.

Quantity helps you to develop your sightreading skills, play more variety of repertoire and work on some problems that may help you with your long term goals. It gives you opportunity to met with repertoire variety.


What I am going to play?

After completing a piece I will try to record myself to track my progress. I will also edit this list

My long term goals:

  1. Vivaldi – Concerto in E major ‘Spring’ – 1st movement – RCM grade 9
  2. Corelli – La folia (Urtex edition)
  3. Rachmaninoff – Vocalise – RCM grade 9
  4. Rovelli – Etude 9 – RCM grade 10

My short term goals:

  1. Severn – Polish Dance – RCM grade 7
  2. Kreisler – Rondino on a Theme by Beethoven – RCM grade 7
  3. Stoyanov – Lullaby
  4. Accolay – Concerto in a minor – RCM grade 8
  5. Vercianni – Gigue – RCM grade 7


Will you join me with my challenge?

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Hi! I am late teen beginner. I've started playing violin one month before my 17th birthday. I am playing since September 2014. Before I tried to self-taught guitar for about two years.

2 thoughts on “40 pieces a year challenge

  1. Hi Emma, that is great challenge! Thanks for sharing your goals. :-)

    As you say this opens a discussion about quality and quantity. ;-) In 2017 I think I did about 40 pieces since I uploaded 3 to 4 videos a month and in each one I was playing something different. I’ve always been focused on learning a lot of repertoire because I felt this need to learn as much as possible. Also, I tend to get bored with a piece soon, so I like to move on to the next piece real soon.

    BUT just a couple of weeks ago, I changed my opinion a bit. I notice I can play many pieces but I don’t necessarily progress a lot. I mean with learning new pieces, I have to learn the notes which takes some time. After learning the notes, I can start working on my technique but by then I already have to move on to the next piece. So for me, this year it will just be the opposite. I want to focus on less repertoire, but go more in depth, and play more beautiful by focusing more on quality than quantity.

    For example, I have dedicated more time to the Bach Double concerto than on any other piece I’ve learned so far. Something new for me is working on a piece, then let it rest, and after a couple of weeks start working on it again, hoping to improve more. In the past, I never took up a piece again to improve it. Now I am, for example Bach Double. But I’m also working again on the 2nd movement of Vivaldi concerto, trying to play it nicer than before: better tone and more vibrato.

    So I can certainly agree that it is a nice challenge to learn 40 pieces, especially if maybe in the past you haven’t been working on so much different repertoire. It is fun! But for me this year, I will go for less repertoire. ;-)

    I do wish you good luck and lots of fun!! :yes: :heart:

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