Country Dance Suzuki for violin Book 5

Country Dance

As the title says this piece is a Dance. And it is very joyful to play. I like Country Dance a lot. But though it is fun, it is not easy to play. One needs to have good bowing technique to make it sound pretty. I found this piece in Suzuki Book 5. I’m now learning pieces from both Suzuki Book 4 and 5. I don’t think there is much difference in difficulty between those books, so I’m just learning those that I like most ;-)

Up-bow staccato

One thing I have worked on for months now is having better staccato. I was crushing the tone whenever I had to play staccato because my bow hand was getting tense. Now I am not saying that I have solved it completely but it’s much better compared to a few months ago. I learned a lot from Nathan Cole in the Video Exchange Program about how to improve my staccato and martele. Most helpful was to practice slowly without tension and only use the index finger to give each note a new start with a small pinch.

Tutorials to learn Country Dance

I’ve used several sources to learn this piece. First of all I studied with this series that violin teacher Dianne Adkins. I had requested a tutorial on this piece and she was so kind to do it! :heart: I’ve learned a lot from the tutorial, especially the parts about the bow. Like for example letting the bow come off the string and setting back at the frog to give it a nice dance character.

I also enjoyed this tutorial by Joy Lee. She has a great way of explaining and I liked what she said about the rhythm in this piece.

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