Big Liza Jane - Fiddle Progress

Big Liza Jane

Hello, so happy to let you know that I learned an other fiddle tune: Big Liza JaneĀ  :yahoo: It’s a fast one this time! I wasn’t able to play it very fast though. I’m wondering why it is that I always get squeaky sounds when I speed up a song… Maybe I should add more weight with my bow hand? Or maybe it’s because of my left hand fingers not being well enough coordinated with the right hand? Or maybe it’s because my left hand fingers are not lifting fast enough when the note stops. It feels that way. Feels like every note is unclear when I play fast… This is definitely something to work on in the next months.

As you could see in my recording, it’s finally getting a bit easier for me to relax when I play. :-) I did notice there were some parts where I wasn’t completely in sync with the backing track… I always have trouble hearing the backing track well while playing my violin. From now on I will try to practice more with the backing track before recording.

Sheet music for Big Liza Jane

I hope you enjoyed my recording. If you would like to learn this song, here is the link for the sheet music and accompaniment for Big Liza Jane:

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