Sheebeg and Sheemore Fiddle Duet

Sight reading

So today when I started my practice session, I looked at my violin exercises and the pieces I’m working on and I just felt I was not in the mood at all for all that hard work… :wacko: So I looked into some other sheet music and fun stuff to play. And there I found this fiddle duet Sheebeg and Sheemore. I played through it and thought it was very beautiful.

Sheebeg and Sheemore Fiddle Duet

It’s not difficult at all so I played it through a couple of times and decided to make a recording. I was just curious what it would sound like. And I was pleasantly surprised!! :-) Remember I did a duet before? It was a piece from Wohlfahrt Elementary violin method. And it sounded terrible, so terrible that I haven’t done duets anymore in a long time. But this time it was much better, probable because my intonation is better now than 1.5 years ago. :-)

As with the other fiddle tunes I’ve recorded, this one is also from the book with Famous Fiddle Tunes I’ve used before. It’s downloadable from and comes with the backing tracks for all 25 fiddle tunes.

Background of Sheebeg and Sheemore

This fiddle duet was composed by Turlough O’Carolan. Probably it was his first composition. It’s about the a local legend of a battle between the kings of the fairies, with Sheebeg and Sheemore begin the fairy hills. You can find more info in the following articles:

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