Learning the violin with Nathan Cole - Irish Washerwoman

Learning the violin for 2.5 years

I’ve been learning the violin for 2 and a half years now!! What an awesome adventure it has been so far! :heart: I’m very happy to be playing The Irish Washerwoman in my new progress video. I’ve been learning this song a bit differently from my previous pieces. So I think it is time I give you an update on how I’m learning the violin. :-)

As you may know I haven’t had any private violin lessons or Skype lessons. There are no violin teachers where I live. And I don’t feel I’m going to like Skype lessons, also I don’t want to spend my budget on it. I have been learning so much by just watching YouTube videos. By browsing on my website you will know that I am a huge fan of Heather Broadbent. Her video lessons are amazing!

Learning the violin with violinist Nathan Cole

ArtistWorks Nathan Cole ViolinBut still I felt I really needed something more. So in August I signed up for a video exchange program with violinist Nathan Cole.

In the program there are many video lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced violinists. I’m working on some of the pieces and etudes in the beginner and intermediate section. Once I feel like I can play the piece in a decent way I sent my video to him. He then sends a video back with his feedback so I can keep improving.

I’m so happy I enrolled for this program because I have learned so much after just a few months. He is a wonderful violinist so his tips are awesome! I hope to learn much more in the future. :-)

My progress video – The Irish Washerwoman

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