Kreutzer 7 - String Crossings and Martele

Kreutzer 7

Kreutzer 7 is the second Kreutzer etude I’ve learned. This etude is really still difficult for me but I wanted to study something challenging! I think this etude is great for learning to play octaves because it’s constantly about that. Also it’s a great workout for 4th finger. And of course there are string crossings all the time, sometimes even skipping 1 or 2 strings. So plenty of challenges here!

As you can see in the video my eyes are so staring!! Sorry for that face I’m making. I’m just so focused because the etude is really still very difficult for me. ;-)

I hope you enjoyed my video or that maybe you became interested too in playing this etude. the result. I’ve learned the etude with the help of a video tutorial in the Video Exchange program on ArtistWorks with violinist Nathan Cole. I signed up for the program in August and it’s really cool! I’ve learned so much since. :-) Very happy! :whistle: :heart:

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