2 years 5 months violin progress - Vivaldi Winter Largo

Vivaldi Winter LARGO

After learning the violin for 2 years and 5 months now, I’m sharing my new violin progress video. After some fast songs, I felt like playing something slower again. I really enjoy learning slow pieces and this movement from Vivaldi’s Winter is very nice. I’ve been working to improve my tone. I can tell you that at first this piece sounded really scratchy and horrible, especially in the higher positions. I’ve also been working on dynamics, hope it shows.

My violin progress video


For quite some time I’ve been looking for a way to follow some violin lessons. Private lessons is out of the question where I live. I have considered Skype lessons but I just don’t feel comfortable with it I think. Then I found out about ArtistWorks.com and it immediately caught my attention. This is a video exchange platform to learn the instrument of your choice. For each instrument there is a great teacher who provides some pre-recorded lessons to help with learning the instrument. And then you can send your own video for which the teacher will answer with a feedback video. Since August 2017 I’ve enrolled for the classes with violinist Nathan Cole. I had been following him on YouTube and I always like his videos. The videos in his program are awesome and there is lessons for each level of player.

This piece Largo from Vivaldi Winter was one of the lessons. I’ve sent this video to Nathan Cole too and I’m very curious to hear his feedback. I’m sure I will learn a lot from him!

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