Violin Technique - Current Violin Goals

My current violin goals

So it’s been quite some time since I’ve been writing about my violin goals. I’m not setting any monthly goals anymore like I used to do because I feel progress isn’t so fast anymore as before. A month goes by so fast. I have to think more about long-term goals now. The pieces I’m learning now are much longer then before and it’s not possible to learn them in just a couple of days or weeks. Also I don’t feel I’m progressing much with just learning pieces since I keep playing the same way. I mean I can play more pieces but my playing quality is not improving.

Soooo I’ve decided to dedicate a couple of weeks to just technique. :yes: I’m really curious to see the results. I hope to progress well with at least 1 or 2 of these techniques and/or exercises. If I like it and it gives good results I would like to keep focusing on these things before moving on to more repertoire.

What I’m focusing on now:

That’s lots of stuff to work on, but I’m very excited about it. I’m sure I will soon see some progress with these exercises. Of course I’m also still working a little bit on repertoire, but just at the end of my practice session for fun. I do about an hour of these exercises and then I only work a couple of minutes on piece, like The Irish Washerwoman.

Kreutzer Etude 4

As an example, I’m posting here my video of how I’m playing the Kreutzer etude 4 now. It’s an excellent exercise for up-bow staccato. I’m not quite happy with my up-bow staccato. Every note seems to begin with a scratchy sound, so I’m working to get rid of that. Hopefully I can soon post a video with the improved version. :-)

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