RAGLAN ROAD - 2 Years 4 Months Fiddle Progress

2 years 4 months fiddle progress

Raglan Road is a traditional Celtic tune. I’ve chosen this song for my 2 years 4 months progress video because it’s played with double stops. I’ve been working to improve my double stops and it was really nice to learn this song. Luckily it’s not too long and the double stops are not so difficult. I still find it pretty hard to play them nicely. Sometimes my double stops sound great and then it makes me feel very happy :heart: but most of the time they still need lots of work. ;-)

Raglan Road

This version of Raglan Road was arranged by Fiddlerman. His sheet music can be found on fiddlerman.com. He has quite some selection of easy sheet music to learn from. I like his sheet music because it has bowing instructions and sometimes also fingerings. It helps to learn faster.

All tips to improve my double stops are most welcome. :-) I notice sometimes my double stops are a bit out of tune and also I still find it difficult to always bow on the 2 strings. Sometimes I only hear 1 note or one of the two is much louder. But it’s improved much already so I will keep practicing patiently and hope it will get nicer over time. If you see anything particular that I could improve or that I’m doing wrong with the double stops, please let me know. ;-)

5 thoughts on “Raglan Road – 2 years 4 months fiddle progress

      1. Hi Mariko!
        Being a Celt I’ have a strong bias for Celtic music and I really liked your rendition of Raglan Road, as I think it must be quite tricky piece to play, just started learning to play the violin and find it more than challenging, luckily I discovered Fiddlerman’s website which is my main source of learning the violin, hence my complimentary email to you as you have now been practising for 2 years and 4 months and I was thinking that you too must have been at my stage, so who knows maybe one day I’ll reach your standard as it does encourage me to keep persevering.
        If I don’t I can certainly appreciate how much time and effort that’s required to become proficient on the violin.


        1. Hi William, thanks for sharing your story! Fiddlerman has awesome resources indeed, especially if you’re into fiddling. I fiddle occasionally but mainly focus on classical repertoire. Learning the violin does require much time, patience and dedication but it’s so much fun too! There will always be struggles but after some time you’ll notice that you will be able to play quite some variety of pieces. :-) Good luck to you and I hope you will keep loving the violin!

  1. Thank you for reply and support, and best wishes to you also with your violin, going by your standard of play at this stage I think you’ll be quite the violinist.


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