Violin Exercise Challenge with Heather Broadbent

As you all know, I love the videos and exercise books by Heather Broadbent. Now she is organizing violin challenges every month. Last month for example there was the Seamless Shifting Challenge. Sadly I couldn’t participate because I was too busy with other things. But this month I am participating in her Violin Exercise Challenge. :-) I’m hoping to learn a lot and I’m sure it will give me some inspiring ideas to incorporate in my practice sessions in the future. So I would love to share with you how it’s going so far.

Violin Exercise Challenge – DAY 1

The first exercise in the challenge is all about strengthening the fourth finger of the left hand. It was to be expected of course. :-) Those who followed my violin adventure, will know that I’ve been practicing this a lot already. Heather Broadbent always focuses a lot on the fourth finger so obviously she would choose this for one of the days. I’ve been using her book “Fourth Finger Fitness in first position” to get familiar with using my pinky finger more and it’s been very helpful.

Now for the challenge, the idea was to do Fourth Finger Fitness in 3rd position. For just a couple of minutes to not make it too hard and tiring for our pinkies. ;-)

Here is the link for the instructional video from Heather.

And here is a snippet of my practice session.

Very excited about tomorrow’s challenge! Will let you know here…

Violin Exercise Challenge – DAY 2

The tutorial video for the challenge of today can be watched here. It’s about maintaining a good hand frame while playing low finger 2. Very difficult!!! :wacko: And it hurts my fingers! But I tried for a couple of minutes. In the video is a small part of it. I’ll keep working on it and I hope it will get easier over time.

Violin Exercise Challenge – DAY 3

Today’s challenge was about scales and arpeggios in 3rd position. We even got half a book for free for participating in the challenge. This is really awesome! I spent about half an hour on this challenge today. Really love the scale book.

The instructional video for this challenge can be found here.

I did the c minor scale in 3rd position. Also worked on arpeggios and broken thirds. I didn’t include the arpeggios in my video, I still need more work on it. I did however add a small part of the etude in 3rd position that I found in the book. I’m loving it. :-)

Violin Exercise Challenge – DAY 4

Explanations for today’s challenge are in Heather’s video. Awesome exercise to focus on intonation in first position! Feeling very well about it :-)

Violin Exercise Challenge – DAY 5

Yaaay today’s challenge was a shifting challenge! I love it! Same finger shifts on the A string with 1st finger. I thought it was a great exercise and I didn’t find it too difficult. Doing it with other fingers would have been more of a challenge. I should try that too. ;-)

Here you can find Heather’s instructional video.

Thanks for following me in this wonderful challenge! I hope you enjoyed it and maybe you participated too?

I’ve learned a lot from it and will be incorporating all of this in my daily practice. Although not everything every day because I don’t have hours to practice. But maybe one or two of these per day. :-)

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