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Baker’s Favorite

Baker’s Favorite is a cool fiddle tune, written by Larry Unger. It’s my favorite one from the fiddle book I’m using. This time I really wanted to try and make it more special than what’s in the sheet music. The sheet music for all this fiddle songs is easy since it’s for beginners. But I love the extra slurs and embellishments many fiddlers add. So the plan was to search for some great recordings on YouTube and try to copy what the others do.

Any other recordings for Baker’s Favorite?

Well there are almost no recordings. I only found these 2.

This is a play along version. From this version I copied the downwards slur on the high B.

This is a guitar version. And I used it to figure out where I could do some trills.

As you can see there was not so much inspirational material around… But I tried my very best to make it my own. I had a lot of fun figuring out where I could add which notes and slurs. I hope you like my version. :-)

Fiddle Collection for beginnersSheet music and accompaniment used:

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