Red Haired Boy - Beginner Fiddle Song

Red Haired Boy

So I decided to learn an other fiddle tune: Red Haired Boy. It’s a traditional Irish tune. This one is also from the book Fiddle Collection – Famous Fiddle Tunes and Songs which I have used before. It has 25 fiddle tunes. They are simplified versions and all of them come with piano backing track. In the sheet music there are also guitar chords, but I don’t how to read them anyway. ;-)

I remember I started with these songs and I was really surprised by the tempo. It was incredibly difficult to play them fast. Everything started to sound scratchy and very unclean. So now I am very happy that I am able to play faster without too many issues. And it still sounds clean. :yahoo: So that’s progress too that I’m very happy with.

Recording of Red Haired Boy – Fiddle song

Upcoming fiddle projects

There are still some fiddle tunes in the book that I haven’t learned yet. I will soon learn them. But my goal is to play them a bit better. I know the sheet music in this Fiddle Collection has been simplified for beginners. But I think it would be nice to throw in some slides and other cool stuff. Next time I will search for some great recordings on YouTube and try to copy some of the stuff they do. Let’s see how that works out!! :whistle:

2 thoughts on “Red Haired Boy – Beginner Fiddle Song

  1. That sound wonderful ;) It’s such a cheerful tune :yahoo: You have such fun with those fiddle tuned :heart: Your goal about playing all pieces from this collection is great and trying to imitate slides and other fiddle tricks from other artists is awesome idea. Keep it up!

    1. Thanks so much Emma! The next one is even funnier (Baker’s Favorite)!! I will soon upload it! I didn’t find many examples of how to play it… but I am adding some slides and extras myself. I really like the sound of it and hope you will like it too. ;-) :heart:

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