Hans Sitt Etude 31 - 4th position etude

My first 4th position etude

This month I’ve been focusing on my first 4th position etude. So by now I have learned to play in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th position yaaay! Of course each position still needs a lot of practice but basically I know the finger distance and I know which finger plays which note in all 5 positions.

As you know I love to watch Heather Broadbent’s videos. And she talks several times about people ignoring fourth position. Many people just skip this position because it feels awkward or they just didn’t ever spend much time in this position. So I thought I better get started with it right away instead of postponing. And as you know I’m always in for a challenge.

Hans Sitt book 2 Etude 31

So I had a look at the fourth position etudes in the Hans Sitt Etudes book. It has five etude in fourth position and I decided to go with the first one, because it is the easiest. Still it was quite a struggle to learn this one. It is indeed weird to read notes in fourth position and the etude is really long. Also it is a bit harder to have a nice tone in 4th position than in first. So I’ve worked super hard on this one for several weeks. It has become easier for me now to read notes in this position and have good intonation. :yahoo: But I will have to study many more etudes to get really fluent in this position. :yes:

My recording

Here is my recording of etude 31 from Hans Sitt book 2. I know it could use some more polishing but honestly I’ve really had it with this etude. ;-) So the polishing will be for my next 4th position etude.

3 thoughts on “4th position etude – violin progress 2 years 2 months

  1. Interesting that people ignore 4th position on the violin. It seems to be used much more often when playing the viola, probably because it’s useful for playing in unison with a violin without awkward string-crossing.

    1. That’s very cool to know! I didn’t know on viola it is used more often. Have you ever played violin too? Or did you start right away with viola?

      1. I play both (like many violists), but I’m much more comfortable on viola. I started violin first but added viola not very long after. The technique is almost exactly the same.

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