My new violin from Zlata Brouwer

On May 19th 2017 I got my new violin :yahoo: !!! I had been playing on a Chinese factory violin for the last two years. You can see my post about it if you like. I enjoyed playing on my first violin and I think it sounded pretty decent. But I felt it was time for something new. :yes: After an extensive research I decided to visit Zlata Brouwer’s violin shop in the Netherlands.

Buying a new violin from Zlata Brouwer

Excited to buy a new violinThinking of buying a new violin

This was so exciting! I had first heard about Zlata Brouwer on YouTube. I always enjoy watching her violin tutorials. But it took quite a while before I learned that she also sells violins. She sells quality Czech handmade violins for a very good price.

Via her newsletter I learned about the different violins she sells. I had been thinking of buying a violin from her for a couple of months before I actually visited her shop. I had listened to all the samples she put on her website and I had been reading about them. But still I had no idea what it would feel like to play them. I was actually pretty nervous to start the choosing process.

Inside Zlata Brouwers violin shop

Inside Zlata Brouwers violin shop

I felt in heaven when I entered the shop! All those beautiful violins and I was going to try them out! :yahoo:

I had plenty of supporters with me to help me choosing: my husband, my parents and my sister! :-) They all said these violins sound much stronger and fuller than my old violin.

Zlata was very helpful, showing me the violins in my budget range, tuning the violins, and also demonstrating them to me so I could better know what they sound like. It was amazing and after a bit more than an hour I had made my choice. :-)

My choice

Showing my new violin with Zlata

So I left the shop with a new violin and bow. And she changed the chin-rest to a centered one for me, since I feel it’s more comfortable. I really love it.

My new violin is the Czech Harald Lorenz 3 violin.
And the bow I’m using is the Zlata Vivace carbon fiber bow.

Thank you so much Zlata for being so helpful! I’m very happy with my new violin and I’m even more motivated to practice hard. When I play a note in tune this violin sounds like heaven. It’s strong and sounds like a bell! When I don’t play in tune it doesn’t sound well, but that’s all the more reason to work on every note and make it sound great! I’m working hard now to get the best out of this instrument. It helps me to be a better player. :heart:

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