Violin progress - memory from cats

Memory from Cats

What a relief. I thought I wouldn’t be able to do a progress video this month but I did!! :yahoo: I have been so busy this month that I have barely had the time to play my violin. I started working on an etude, a piece and I wanted to polish a concerto too that I had worked on before. But none of it I could do. Luckily a couple of days ago I finally had some time and wanted to just have fun with my violin. I played through a book with songs from Andrew Lloyd Webber. When I played Memory from Cats, I immediately thought: “Ah I can play this one for my progress video!” It sounds good and it’s not too difficult. :-)

I’ve always liked the music by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Memory from Cats is one of my favorites. Such a wonderful feeling to now play it on the violin.

The sheet music I used was actually an arrangement for clarinet. So there were no indications for bowings or shifting. To make things easier I just played everything in first position. And I used the bowings that seemed logical to me. I hope you will enjoy my recording.

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