1 year 11 months violin progress - Corelli Op. 5 Sonata 7

1 year 11 months violin progress – Corelli Op. 5 Sonata 7 Preludio

For my progress video after playing the violin for 1 year and 11 months, I prepared this piece by Corelli. Corelli wrote several sonatas for violin and harpsichord. Most of his sheet music is written out very simple. But the violinist is expected to add some embellishments. I didn’t do this… just playing the notes was hard enough. ;-)

Sheet music I used for Corelli Op. 5 Sonata 7 can be found here.

I practiced the Preludio from Sonata 7. There are three other parts. A sonata is supposed to be played as a whole, but all four parts were too much for me too learn. And honestly I don’t like the music that much. So I decided to just stick with the Preludio. A violin teacher who often comments on my YouTube videos suggested me to learn this piece. I could then focus on intonation in first position. I actually ended up focusing on other things. When I started practicing this piece, I noticed it should be played with short martele-like strokes. Staccato and martele have never worked well for me. I really tried for this piece and I think I improved but I still think it could be much better.

My recording of Corelli Op. 5 Sonata 7

The preludio is in D minor, and the signature has only B flat. The notes are not so hard to play but as I said I had trouble with the bowing. Ah and also the string crossings were not that easy. I think this piece is a great exercise to focus on nice, clean string crossings. Also I notice in my recording that sometimes there are notes that don’t belong. I did work hard to get the string crossings right. First I practiced the strings crossings without the left hand, just on open strings. Then I added the left hand. I did this every day and still it’s not perfectly clean.

Once more it’s clear to me that I still have a very very long way to go with my violin. But I’m totally happy with the progress I have made so far. And I am planning something huge for my 2 year progress video. I won’t share yet what piece it will be, because I want to keep it a surprise. It’s a wonderful piece and I like it very very much but it’s oh so complicated… I truly hope I will be able to learn it in one month!!

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  1. Hi Mariko. Last few months made such huge difference in your playing. I’m really impressed with your progress last few months. I really enjoyed listening to your recording of this Preludio. I feel that your goal last month to finish whole sonata was not possible to do, so don’t worry about not playing whole piece. I often feel that you give yourself so little time to finish a piece. I were working on Bach concerto for 2 months before playing it on concerto and it was too short for to play it well. So one month would be a huge streach.
    Your intonation is superb ;) Your staccato and martele is also really good. Only thing that I would change here I wouldn’t play the whole piece with martele, but with lifted or lighter staccato strokes like on this recording you put last month. It would be better suited to baroque style. Anyway this piece sounded really good. It’s hard to believe that you’re playing for only 2 years.
    Can’t wait to know what the mystery 2 years progress piece is. Good luck :)

    1. Hi Emma, it’s wonderful to hear from you! :-) Yaaay it’s great to hear that my intonation has improved. :-) And I agree about the lifted strokes. I can’t do them yet (possibly also because of my bow being in not so good shape) so that is why I did the martele. I have to work a lot on other bow strokes. Didn’t do much staccato or lifted strokes yet… something to work on in my 3rd year. ;-)

      I hope you’re well!! What piece are you working on now? I’m sure you will also soon have exams, so good luck with that too!

      1. Hi Mariko. It’s unbelievable that you are starting 3rd year :) I had the other way round, I didn’t have that big problems learning staccato, but martele was really tough for me ;) I will have to work on detache more to make my bow changes smoother. I love your approach to pieces :) I like how you practice string crossings on open strings :good:
        I’ve got quite big repertoire currently. My violin teacher asked me if I want to pass the 1st degree violin exam (in Poland we have first and second degree music schools and then music college), so I’ve got tons of repertoire to learn. I’ve been working currently on three etudes – Kreutzer 2 and 36 and Dont no.2 from op.37 (this one that I played before). I think I will play Dont on an exam and maybe Kreutzer 36. Then I play whole Telemann sonatina no. 5 in A major (but sometimes it can be found as Sonatina no.1, I have no idea why). It’s this piece: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LiYpyfqkh2c
        Then I will play Wieniawski Romance sans Paroles (it’s usually played with Rondo Elegans after it since it’s the same opus number, but I will only play the 1st part). It’s this piece: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQgCcDyzGCo. And finally once again I will play 1st movement of the Bach a minor concerto. I wish this time I will do better than in March :unsure: . I will also play a duo, but still I don’t know what piece we will play. And probably at the very beginning of June I will play 2nd violin in a quartet, but I will get more information tomorrow :heart: We are supposed to play on an ecumenical funeral of our University bodies Donors (for anatomy learning purposes). That will be my first time playing in bigger ensamble so I’m really excited about it. This will be an intense month ;-)
        I wish you all the best with your goals this month. How are you doing with your pieces? Do you have some problems playing them?

        1. Woooow I listened to the pieces you’re learning now. I loooove Wieniawski Romance sans Paroles, it’s so beautiful!! Will put it on my list too. :heart: Aha I understand why you don’t do the Rondo Elegans, seems to be much much harder and superfast. Looks very hard, but beautiful too!
          Good luck with your 1st degree violin exam, I’m sure you will do great!
          Enjoy playing in the quartet, must be fun to do! Do you practice together each week? Or will you only practice together in the end, once everybody knows their part well?

          My pieces are going well. I don’t have much time for the Country Dance, since I’m mainly focusing on my surprise piece ;-) I will probably keep Country Dance for next month. My other piece has lots of high notes and shifts. It’s a challenge but it’s going OK. I can already play it through, without major mistakes. Now I need to make it sound more beautiful, add more vibrato and polish the rhythm in a couple of measures. I think it will work out fine. :-)

          And next week I will buy a new violin!! :yahoo: I’m so excited about it, just can’t wait. I hope it will be much easier to play on my new violin and that the sound will be better. I will go to Zlata Brouwer’s shop in the Netherlands. She sells handmade Tsjech violins at a very good price. Everybody speaks very good of them, so I will buy one of those!! :whistle:

          1. This quartet thing will be probably one time event. We already have problems with cellist. 1st violinist just had strange violin problem (her luthier repairs it now) and she don’t know if she will manage to get her violin back. At the beginning I were happy that I able to play in quartet and now unfortunately it causes many problems. We wanted to practice our pieces alone and start meeting next week, but currently me and violist have problems with other players.
            I don’t feel very good with my diploma pieces right now. Yesterday I’ve played those pieces with piano and I’m not really satisfied with an outcome + my teacher told me diploma was rescheduled and I’ve got one week less to practice.
            I’m really curious what piece are you preparing. I love Eddy Chen shifting to high position video. It’s helps how to practice big shifts. I often feel that I don’t manage to work on my all pieces. It’s a good decision about postphoning playing Country Dance. Don’t push yourself too much, we’re playing violin for fun.
            Wow, I wish you will find an awesome violin then :) It’s exciting that you are buying new violin. I’ve also heard that Czech violins are really good. I’m waiting for video about your new violin :heart: Good luck with violin hunt :-)

            1. I’m sorry to read that the quartet isn’t working out as you expected. I hope you will be able to have a good result despite the troubles…

              I bought my new violin!!! :yahoo: It’s awesome! The sound is stronger and warmer and it’s easier to play smooth. I also have a centered chinrest now which feels really comfortable. So I’m very happy with my new violin! I will soon write more about it and post a video of course. I hope the difference will be noticeable. ;-)

              Have a nice day!

              1. We became a trio instead of quartet. 1st violinist have changed ;) This girl playing 1st violin is amazing, she already passed 2nd degree exam and she wanted to study violin at uni, but she changed her mind. The same with violist. I feel really awkward playing with them. I feel like I’m much worse then them. They’re amazing. We’re meeting once again tomorrow. I am really happy, but little stressed. They taught me so many things last time, but I feel like I don’t meet their expectations despite the fact they are really nice and friendly :unsure:
                That’s great that you’ve purchased a new violin. I can’t wait for a recording and some more information about it. It’s so exciting. Have you tried many violins before you decided which to buy? Is it manufactured or luthier violin. I once had opportunity to play czech manufactured violin and it sounded really good. It had darker sound and very strong g string sound. Waiting for some news :heart:

                1. Hi Emma, sorry for my late response, I’ve been very busy lately. I understand you’re a little nervous playing with people who play better than you. But I’m sure you can learn a lot from the, it will be a great experience! I hope you will be able to play beautifully together. :heart:

                  I will soon write a post about my new violin and about the piece I chose for my 2 years progress video. I don’t have the time yet, but you can watch my latest video to hear how my new violin sounds. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfiuisRRjYU :yahoo:

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