Violin goals - 2 years of learning the violin

Almost 2 years of learning the violin

This month is the last month of my 2nd year of learning the violin! Wooow it’s amazing!! I remember so well how excited I was when my 1st year was ending. And now my 2nd year is about to end. I’m preparing something huge for my progress video about 2 years of learning the violin.

So what am I planning for this month?

  • Finish the book Master Fifth Position with Finger Patterns. I’ve almost mastered pattern 5, so I just have one more pattern left to learn. I will surely complete that this month. :-)
  • A couple of weeks ago I received a cool backing track for the fiddle tune Scollay’s Reel. I received it from a fellow adult learner. It sounds awesome. I learned this fiddle song before but want to make a new video with this cool backing track and it will be a lot faster than when I did my video a year ago!!
  • I’m also working on Weber Country Dance from Suzuki Book 5. There is a wonderful tutorial on YouTube to learn to play this dance music. It has a lot of up-bow staccato which is a nice challenge. In the middle part there is some fast shifting involved.
  • And then there is the piece I’m preparing for my 2 years progress video. I’m not telling yet what it is, want to keep it a surprise. I truly hope I will be able to learn it in 1 month. It would be awesome!! I hope I can do the piece honor…

These 2 years of playing the violin were absolutely wonderful! I’ve learned far more than I expected the day I got my violin. And it’s made me much more happy too than I expected. :-)

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