Hans Sitt 23 - My first 2nd position Etude

Hans Sitt etude 23

2nd position

Are you learning to play 2nd position on the violin? So am I. :-) My first experience with 2nd position was through the Laoureux Violin Method. After some basic exercises in 3rd position it soon introduces 2nd position too. It’s not so difficult because the notes are not much different from 1st position and also the intervals between the fingers is very similar to 1st position. The advantage of 2nd position is that the 4th finger notes from 1st position are now played with 3rd finger and they sound more beautiful in my opinion.

Apart from the Laoureux Violin Method I didn’t do any specific exercises to learn 2nd position. I used it a lot last month when I was learning to play “You Raise Me Up“. And this month I thought it was time to try my first etude in second position. That way I can get faster at relating the correct finger with each note. And it’s a good opportunity to improve intonation in this position.

My recording of Hans Sitt etude 23

So this etude is in the Key of C Major which is a great key to play in 2nd position. Finger 1 on the A string is C and finger 4 on the E string is C too, so it is very easy to play a scale in C Major in second position. There were a couple of measures with accidentals but the etude wasn’t too hard to learn. I’ve worked on it for about two weeks.

I see in my video that I still move my right shoulder too much. And my bow division could have been better. I’ve used almost as much bow for the 16th notes as for the 8th notes, so using less bow for the the 16th notes is something to work on in the future. While practicing this etude I was mainly focusing on the correct intonation in this new position.

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