Voce 'e Notte Violin and Piano

Voce ‘E Notte

Voce ‘E Notte is a Neapolitan song. It is a beautiful Italian song. The title means “Voice in the Night”. For a translation of the lyrics in English, check out this page.

My recording of Voce ‘E Notte

You’ll notice my video is pretty long. But it is actually three times the same thing I play because the song has three strophes.

Sheet music

Neapolitan Songs for Violin and PianoThe sheet music and accompaniment I’ve used can be found on virtualsheetmusic.com. This book contains 10 famous Neapolitan songs. For me this is the first time I play this style of music. And I love it! :heart: I will certainly learn more songs from this book. :-)

For this song my main challenges were to play with a nice tone. It’s slow and needs vibrato. At first it all sounded pretty squeaky… so I had to work on not pressing too hard with my bow. Intonation was an issue too, especially the first note of the piece which is fourth finger in 4th position. I found that a pretty terrible combination for my intonation, but I think it was OK in the video :-) Of course, I could have changed the fingerings but since I don’t have much experience with that, I wanted to just follow the fingerings indicated in the sheet music. The indicated fingerings require a lot of shifting. I don’t know if that is really necessary but it’s good for me to get better at it. ;-)

The song has B flat and E flat, so I understand it is in G minor. Luckily I keep practicing my scales so I didn’t have too much trouble with the flats. :-)

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