You Raise Me Up - 1 year 10 months violin progress

You Raise Me Up

Ever since the first time I had hear the song You Raise Me Up by Secret Garden, I fell in love with it! I never get tired of this song, it’s so beautiful! And I was very happy to learn to play this song. :-)

I very much like this version by Josh Groban.

Sheet music for You Raise Me Up

After some searching, I found a very nice violin version with piano accompaniment on

It’s a nice version, and not too difficult. I only made a tiny change in one measure where I played a couple of notes an octave higher. It sounded better that way.

The mayor challenges for this piece are playing with a nice tone and figuring out the fingerings. The song is slow, so you have to think of bow usage and vibrato. And every little mistake in intonation is very audible. I had some intonation issues but I think it’s not too bad. Anyway it’s the best I can do now. ;-)

So as you can see there are no indications in the sheet music about shifting. It was quite some task to figure this out on my own. I tried to stay as much as possible in 1st and 2nd position. I noticed in this piece that 2nd position was extremely useful. There are several measures with notes between C and F. They can be perfectly played on the A string in 2nd position, so that’s why I chose to use 2nd position a lot. I’ve also used 3rd, 4th and 5th position wherever it felt practical. For example there is a small part with very high notes (7th position). To prepare my hand I play the notes before in 5th position instead of 1st. That way the shift to the high notes is smaller. And it worked :yahoo:

Of course I don’t have much (or none at all) experience in choosing fingerings, so if you have any advice for me, I would be happy to hear from you. :-)

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