Corelli Sonata 7 - Violin Goal for April

Corelli Sonata 7

So this month I will tackle Corelli Sonata 7 from Opus 5. The sonata consists of four parts: Preludio, Corrente, Sarabanda and Giga. Here is what it should sound like:

The version I will be using is a bit simplified, i.e. it doesn’t have that much trills etc. I got to know about this piece because of a violin teacher who was commenting on my videos. He said this sonata would be excellent for me to work on intonation. At first I didn’t like the music that much, especially because of the accompaniment. I’m not a fan of the harpsichord. I prefer piano but this is how the composer meant it for sure.

I’m very grateful for the suggestion I’ve received and so I will work on this sonata in April. I don’t know yet if I will learn all four parts. I know I’m supposed to play them all but I won’t be able to learn them all in one month… And I don’t want to spend more than a couple of weeks on this sonata. So I think it’s better to learn two or three parts well than wanting to learn everything and mess up. I’m certain I will learn the Giga, it sounds awesome!!

Naepolitean song

Neapolitan Songs for Violin and PianoSince the Corelli Sonata 7 will be a lot of work to study and it’s not very easy either, I will also learn a fun, short piece. I’ve chosen a Naepolitean Song from this awesome collection I found on These songs really are my thing. I love them all and I’m planning on learning several of them. I will start with the first song in the book: Voce ‘e Notte. The notes are pretty easy, though there is some shifting involved. It’s a slow song and I can work on dynamics and vibrato to make this song beautiful. :-)

Sitt 2nd position etude #23

As you might remember from my previous posts, I’m now using the etude book by Hans Sitt Opus 32 book 2. This book has etudes in different positions. So far I’ve learned two etudes in 3rd position. Now I’m going to learn an etude in 2nd position. Since this is my first etude in 2nd position, I’ve chosen an easy one as far as bow usage. No slurs or sustained bow involved. :-) Just 8th and 16th notes in separate bows. That way I can just focus on finding the right notes in 2nd position. I’m very much looking forward to get more comfortable in 2nd position.

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