Hans Sitt Etude 29 in 3rd position

Hans Sitt etude 29

3rd position

This etude by Hans Sitt is the second etude I’m learning in 3rd position. I’m starting to understand now how good it is to practice etudes devoted to one position. It’s wonderful to focus completely on one position without shifting. I feel pretty sure now playing in 3rd position. I now have a better idea of where the notes are and what the relationship is between the fingers.

Sustained bow

Hans Sitt etude 29 is also awesome to work on bow distribution and sustained bow. The melody is slow so you have to use as much bow as possible. I’ve tried to use my bow from the frog to the tip. It seems I do manage to go to the extreme frog but I don’t often manage to get to the extreme tip. But I tried as good as I could.

At first I found it very hard to slur several notes in one bow, especially on the up bows. When I get closer to the frog the sound became really crunched. Ah and sometimes I ran out of bow when I still had some notes to go LOL.


The etude also has several arpeggios to be played in 3rd position. They require quick (weird) finger changes and string crossings. I found it very hard to play with good intonation. After many attempts in my practice sessions, I hope I did a good job with that in the recording. :-)

I’m very happy that I’ve studied this etude. I think it sounds lovely and I enjoyed every minute of practicing this etude. I also learned a lot from it! :-) Next month, I will get started with my first 2nd position etude!!

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