La Cinquantaine - Violin and Piano

La Cinquantaine (Gabriel-Marie)

I have been wanting to learn La Cinquantaine for some time but every time something else came up… Meanwhile I’ve learned many other pieces. But I’m happy I’ve learned La Cinquantaine now. Originally the piece was written for cello and piano. The title actually means “the fiftieth anniversary” or “golden wedding”.

I like the rhythm of this piece. It’s very nice and playful. After learning the Vivaldi Concerto in A minor, this piece was really not difficult to learn. This piece is written in A minor and the middle part is in A Major. Both are easy keys on the violin. And the piece can entirely be played in 1st position although it’s nice to play some parts in 3rd position. So it is also indicated in the sheet music. I think this piece is perfect for a beginner violinist :-)

The sheet Music and Piano Accompaniment for La Cinquantaine that I’ve used is this version on

My recording of La Cinquantaine

In my recordings I notice the dynamics are not as audible as live… It seems the camera takes away from it. I might buy separate equipment to record the audio because it’s not great this way. I practice hard to have a good sound and good dynamics and then it disappears in the recording… It wasn’t so much an issue before because my pieces didn’t sound good anyway. Now that I find my sound to be improving I would love to have better recording tools. I would like the recording to represent the reality. If anybody has some suggestions for good audio recording, I would love to hear about it! :-)

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