Vivaldi Concerto A Minor PRESTO

Vivaldi Concerto in A minor

Woohoo today I’ve been playing the violin for 1 year and 9 months!! And I’ve finished the course for the Vivaldi Concerto in A minor. And today I present you my recording of the 3rd movement, the Presto. It is without any doubt the hardest piece I’ve played so far. And it’s also the piece I’ve spent the most time on to practice.

I started working on the Presto with the 16th notes halfway the piece. Woooow they are really challenging. Because of all the jumps they are so difficult to get up to speed and with correct intonation. After endless slow practice and practicing in different rhythms, I was able to play them at 69 BPM. So that’s the tempo I’ve used for the entire piece. It’s slower than most recordings I’ve heard but it’s the best I can do now. I’d rather play it well and slow than mess it up because of playing faster than I can. Later I will be able to do it faster, I’m sure. :-)

My recording of the 3rd movement – PRESTO

As I said I’m not playing the Presto very fast. This allows me to also add some vibrato on the 8th notes. I didn’t manage to do it on all 8th notes, but I do notice my vibrato gets better. And it’s also easier for me to use it. Sometimes it happens without even thinking about it. :yahoo: I’m working every day now to improve my vibrato. And I can notice the improvement. Using 3rd position is also more natural now! So happy!!! :-)

Video Course to Learn Vivaldi in A minor

Vivaldi Concerto A minorSo this is where my Vivaldi adventure ends (for now). To learn this concerto, I’ve been using a video course by Heather Broadbent. I’ve learned so much from it!! All the things I’ve learned in the course will also help me to learn other pieces, so I’m very happy I had bought this course. :-)

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