Learn You Raise Me Up - Violin Goal March 2017

Another month of violin playing!! By the end of this month I will upload my cover of You Raise Me Up. Woohoo so looking forward to learn this piece!

I’m so happy I made my goals for February and I’m very excited to let you know that I have learned the entire Vivaldi Concerto in A minor. I feel that I have progressed a lot with this concerto but I also feel that it won’t be wise to immediately start learning even harder pieces. I’m going to take some time to learn some easier pieces. This will allow me to keep having fun and to focus more on intonation and vibrato.

You Raise Me Up

I’ve been wanting to learn the song You Raise Me Up for a couple of months. And now I will finally get started with it. I’m going to use a version I found on musescore.com. There are several versions available but this one seems to work best for me. It’s in an easy key and it also has the high notes which I really love. I think the main challenge is going to be to figure out the bowings and use the bow correctly to create the dynamics. And I’m so looking forward to use vibrato in this beautiful song. :-)

La Cinquantaine

This is a joyful piece by J. G. Marie. It uses 1st and 3rd position and is not too difficult. I found the sheet music and piano accompaniment on virtualsheetmusic.com. This piece is perfect to work on my intonation and dynamics.

Hans Sitt Etude 29

This month I will also practice an etude in 3rd position. I’ve chosen this etude because it’s very beautiful. Last month I learned etude 28 also in 3rd position, so I guess this time it will be easier to learn the notes. I’m pretty familiar now with the notes in 3rd position. But I still have to improve my intonation. This will also be a good exercise to work on sustained bow and bow control.

So, these are my violin goals for this month. You see I’m not only planning which pieces I learn, I’m also thinking of which technique I will focus on with each piece. This helps me to be very focused and keep improving.

Anybody wants to share his violin goals for this month? I’m very curious. :-)

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