Peta's Piano for Violin

Peta’s Piano for Violin

Today I want to share with you a cool resource for violinists! Recently I learned about Peta’s Piano for Violin, a source of beautiful piano accompaniments.

Peta van Drempt - Peta's Piano for Violin Peta van Drempt is a professional accompanist in Australia. The idea for Peta’s Piano began in 2015 in her home studio. She accompanies soloists and wants to help them practice at home too. So often she gives them recordings of the piano part she played so that they can keep practicing with it.

Now Peta would like to help many more violinists enjoy practicing with piano accompaniments. She’s in the process of building a streamable catalogue of piano accompaniments for violin and other instruments.

At this moment the catalogue already contains recordings for the pieces in Suzuki book 1 for violin. There are also some songs and a couple of sonatas by Strauss. And you can have your say in what else the catalogue should include!! All you have to do is fill out THIS SURVEY ( In exchange she will send you some free tracks from the catalogue!

Peta’s Piano accompaniment example

The accompaniments sound beautiful! For each piece there is a recording at full speed and two slower versions. Here is a sample of Perpetual Motion from Suzuki book 1.

What I really like about the recordings is that before the actual recording starts, you hear the two first measures (or a variation of it). For these first measures you hear the violin part too, so you know how to get started. Below a short video to show you how it works.

Help make Peta’s Piano for Violin even better!

Peta wants the accompaniments to be as useful for violinists. She would be very grateful if as many violinists as possible would take a little time to fill out the survey. The survey can be filled out by both violin teachers and students. It’s an opportunity to let her know what we think is needed to make this a good resource. You can suggest pieces and features for the catalogue. And you get to pick some free tracks from the catalogue after you fill out the survey. :-)

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