Hans Sitt 28 - my first 3rd position etude

Sitt #28 – my first 3rd position etude

I’ve been working for a couple of weeks now on my first 3rd position etude! To learn 3rd position, I had studied the book “Master third position with Finger Patterns” by Heather Broadbent. It really helped me to get familiar with the notes and finger patterns but I wanted to practice more in 3rd position. So in the study group for the book I asked what else I could study. Heather said I could start the etudes by Hans Sitt in 3rd position. Awesome suggestion! :-)

Hans Sitt Violin Etudes Opus 32These 3rd position etudes are in book 2. The book has 5 etudes dedicated to playing in 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th position. For each position there are 5 etudes. I picked the 3rd position etude that I find sounds best. And it has these fun string crossings (at the beginning for example). For some reason I always like the sound of these fast continuous string crossings.

I like that it only focuses on third position, so no shifting involved. :-) The etude is in G Major but halfway it goes to G minor I believe, since all of a sudden it has B and E flat instead of F sharp. That’s where I had real trouble to keep good intonation.

Recording of my first 3rd position etude

At first my intonation was much more off. My hand seemed to move every time I was going to a different string, resulting in complete confusion of where the notes are. I was searching for a way to keep my hand more in the same place. That’s why I started to keep fingers down. So at all times I tried to have at least one finger down who would then serve as a guide for the other fingers on possibly a different string. Most of the time I kept down my 1st finger. And this really helped to get better intonation. But still lots of work to do. :-)

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