Fun Violin Goals - Fairytale Challenge

Fun violin goals

This month I have some fun violin goals! Since February is a short month and I will have lots of other activities I won’t set my goals too high for this month. Let’s just have some fun!! So what’s the plan for this month?

  • Learn the 3rd movement of the Vivaldi Concerto A minor
  • Hans Sitt Opus 32 book 2 etude 28 in 3rd position
  • Complete the Fairytale challenge

Of course I will still do my technique exercise for learning 5th and 2nd position, and vibrato. But mostly I will focus on my pieces this month.

Vivaldi Concerto A minor

Vivaldi Concerto A minorI’m still learning this concerto with the video course by Heather Broadbent. I already started with the 3rd movement about two weeks ago because I was just too curious about how it would be to learn this one. I think I’ve already learned the toughest parts of the piece. There is a passage of complicated 16th notes which I can play pretty well BUT way too slow. Challenge is to learn these notes faster now. And to learn the rest of the piece as well. :-)

Hans Sitt Etude 28

This etude was one of my goals for last month. I did practice it for two weeks but then I stopped because I was doing too many things at once. So I left it for this month. The etude sounds beautiful and is completely in 3rd position. Now it will be a fun violin goal because I already know the notes, I just have to work on my intonation and speed it up a bit. So, no stress. :-)

Fairytale Challenge

What this is about, I don’t know exactly yet. The Fairytale Challenge was announced by Violinspiration on their Facebook page. The challenge will be to learn one or two Disney songs each week of February. I don’t know yet which songs it will be (although the video below gives an idea already) and how difficult it will be. What I do know is that it will be fun to learn the Disney songs on the violin! I’m very excited to know more about it and to get started :yahoo:

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