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Where do I find good violin sheet music?

When we start learning the violin, of course we need a decent instrument and clear instruction. But also good violin sheet music! Because we want to learn all those wonderful pieces. :yahoo: Now I live in a country where it is practically impossible to buy sheet music… There are a couple of music stores but they only sell instruments, no books.  :cry: The only option is buying online, but the shipping costs would easily be more than the price of the books. So, I was very happy to learn about! They offer legal sheet music to download. You pay and then start printing your sheet music immediately. Waaaw this is a wonderful solution for me and I’m sure for many others as well. :-)

I’ve been learning the violin for more than one year and a half now and almost all my sheet music is from that website. Their sheet music looks great and shows fingerings when necessary. And they come with mp3 files so you will know exactly what it’s supposed to sound like, or you can play along to practice. Now, let me share with you all the wonderful stuff I found there. :whistle:

Sheet music for fiddle tunes

Fiddle Collection for beginnersMy favorite book so far from this website is for sure the “Fiddle Collection – Famous Fiddle Tunes and Songs“. This book contains 25 famous fiddle tunes. They are so fun to play and I’ve started learning to play them after just a couple of months learning the violin. They are not too hard to learn. I also like that they have very nice piano accompaniment files to play along. It sounds great to play with the accompaniment! Really love it! And very practical is that you can slow down the accompaniments, wonderful for us beginners who can not play the songs at full speed yet :whistle: To give you an idea of what the book contains, you can check out my playlist of the songs I’ve learned so far from this book.

Sheet music for violin concertos

Concertino G Major Kuchler Opus 11Of course, we violinists want to play concertos too!! Well, there is an incredible amount of concertos among the violin sheet music that virtualsheetmusic offers. One of my first concertos to learn was Concertino in G Major Opus 11 by Ferdinand Kuchler. I learned this concerto when I was playing the violin for 11 months. It can be played completely in first position and is in an easy key – G Major, one of the first keys to learn on the violin. You can watch my recording and you’ll see I’m using the piano accompaniment they provide. I remember it was the first time that I felt like a “real” violinist when I was recording this concerto. :-)

Violin sheet music: scales and etudes

Advanced Scales and ArpeggiosWhen I started learning the violin, I had no idea what it would mean. I just imagined myself playing some beautiful pieces in a far future. I knew I would have to practice a lot. BUT I didn’t realize it would require so much technical work. I had learned the clarinet before, but I don’t remember I had ever played a scale, and never played much etudes either (at least I can’t remember much of it…) When I was playing the violin for two weeks, I found out about scales and etudes… But then I looked at the famous scale books, like Carl Flesch and it made me feel :wacko: Obviously that was not the place to start. :negative: Luckily there is this easy scale book “Elementary Scales and Arpeggios” by Fabrizio Ferrari. It helped me learn all the scales in first position! :yahoo: Now I’m using his second book “Advanced Scales and Arpeggios“. I hope that after studying this book, I will be ready to start with Carl Flesch scales. :-)

Apart from scales we should practice etudes. I practice between 1 and 3 etudes a month, using these very well known books:

Wohlfahrt Opus 45 - Violin Etudes
Hans Sitt Violin Etudes Opus 32
Kreutzer Etudes

Watch me play some of the etudes I’ve been learning so far.

As you can see, with this source of violin sheet music, I don’t need to search anymore. I now have plenty to practice and learn!!!

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Hi, I'm an adult violin student, learning the violin independently. Learning the violin is a pleasure and a challenge at the same time. Feel free to explore this website to read more about my violin adventure. :-)

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    1. Hi AndrewH, indeed that is a very useful resource!
      For example for the Kuchler Concertino, I still prefer the version I found on virtualsheetmusic because it comes with backing track and that’s great to practice and for recording. But of course not everybody needs that. ;-) Thanks for sharing!!

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