Ducks on the Pond - Beginner Fiddle Song

Ducks on the Pond

Hello everybody, here is another fiddle tune you can learn: Ducks on the Pond. Compared with the other fiddle songs I’ve learned, this one wasn’t so hard. It’s getting easier now to play fast. I did have to practice the double stops many times to get them in tune. The notes on the E string were also a bit difficult to get in tune. Seems like whenever I play on the E string, intonation is more difficult… But the tune is real fun so it’s easy to spend time practicing it :-)

Sheet music for Ducks on the Pond

Fiddle Collection for beginnersThis song is part of the book “Famous Fiddle Tunes and Songs” for violin and piano. I’ve been learning fiddle tunes with this book for a year. And I’ve learned 13 tunes :yahoo: Of course it is fun, but with these songs I’ve also learned to play faster. And it’s a good workout for practicing string crossings, and weird bowings. ;-)

Most of the songs are arranged by Loralyn Staples and Andre van Haren. Loralyn Staples also has a complete video course to learn to play these tunes. I’m not doing the course, but this is the link for those who are interested.

The songs are labelled as “Easy”. I don’t think they are so easy, especially if you want to play them at full speed. But they are all in first position, so I guess that’s why they are supposed to be easy. :-) Has any of you played one of these pieces? I’m curious to find out about it.

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