The Curvy Road to Corinth

The Curvy Road to Corinth

Hello everybody, wooow I finally took the time to learn an other fiddle song “The Curvy Road to Corinth”, written by Larry Unger. The version I learned is an arrangement by Loralyn Staples and Andre van Haren.

Fiddle Collection for beginnersRemember that I was using this book with 25 fiddle songs? I’ve been playing about half of the pieces from this book. I really like most of the tunes and they come with piano accompaniment. So that is extra fun. However the past months I had focused on other pieces, techniques and etudes. So it was great to finally learn a new fiddle tune. It was much easier now to play fast. I’m planning to learn a couple more fiddle songs in the next months.


Practicing with metronome

So this tune “The Curvy Road to Corinth” is pretty fast. The sheet music suggests 100 – 108 BPM for a half note. I started at 70 BPM and worked it up with the metronome to 95BPM, almost full speed. But to be honest, I liked the song more at a slower tempo, so in the end I recorded at 85 BPM. When played faster, I find it hard to give it the correct feeling and add small slides. Also there are a couple of measures that made me go almost crazy at faster tempo. I find it hard to play each note clearly when it’s faster.

For previous recordings of fiddle songs, I played along the metronome. But for this one I played along the piano accompaniment with violin. It was easier this way. The fact that I could also hear the violin helped me with the rhythm too. I’m pretty happy with the recording, hope you enjoyed it too! :-)

Sources used to learn Curvy Road to Corinth

I watched the video below a couple of times. I really liked how Loralyn Staples added the little slides before some notes. So I tried to copy that.

2 thoughts on “Curvy Road to Corinth – Beginner Fiddle Song

  1. This fiddle piece was played by you in such impressive way. :heart: It’s very catchy tune. I either like your tempo – it’s not too fast, but not too slow. I am really stunned with your progress. You’re much better than many people having a teacher after such short period of time :good: Amazing progress :rose:

    1. Thank you so much Emma!! So happy to hear that! You’re one of the people who keep motivating me to progress :-) Many people seem to have liked this fiddle tune. So, I’m planning on playing more fiddle tunes in the next months. It’s fun to play and it really helps with string crossings and playing fast :-) And they are short, so I don’t have to be practicing them for a long time.

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