Becker Gavotte Suzuki Book 3

Becker Gavotte

Hello everybody, so I’m about to finish Suzuki book 3!! Just two more pieces to go! Really looking forward to learning the last two pieces because after those I will be learning the Vivaldi Concerto YAY!! :yahoo: So, as for the Becker Gavotte, the fifth piece in Suzuki book 3, I think this piece helped me progress. In the recording of the previous piece, I noticed lots of squeaky sounds at the start of the notes. The squeaky sounds were just like an instant, very short but it’s no good… So while practicing this piece I’ve really tried to get a softer sound and reduce the squeaks. I’m pretty happy with the result because I think my tone has improved with this piece. :-)

I was trying to figure out why some notes squeak and I noticed it happened most with my 3rd and 4th finger. Seems that I don’t put enough pressure with these fingers or maybe that they come down just too slow. So for example when doing string crossings, if I keep down my 3rd finger like shown below then I can prevent the squeaky sound! So that’s what I did, it also makes the string change more fluid so I think that’s a good thing. :-)

Becker Gavotte - hold ring finger down

That’s funny, looking at these measures now, I think it would have been easier to have shifted to 3rd position. No string crossings then… anyway, I did the entire piece in 1st position.

Becker Gavotte - up bow staccatoAlso, Becker Gavotte introduced up bow staccato. There was up bow staccato in previous pieces but just two consecutive quarter notes which is pretty easy. In this piece there were more notes under one bow and faster, so a real up bow staccato. It’s still a bit hard, especially when I have to do it fast but it’s coming along. I noticed it’s much easier to do the up bow staccato in the upper half of the bow. In the lower half of the bow it’s really scratchy. So, in this piece I made sure to start the parts with up bow staccato at the tip. :-)

My recording of Becker Gavotte

Sources used to learn Becker Gavotte

Same as for the previous pieces of this book, I really liked the article on

The video below by Allyson was very helpful too.

And I also listened several times to this performance. I liked how he did the short notes in the second part of the Gavotte. A bit like springing bows, and so I tried that too. ;-)

You see, I really had fun with this piece. Anybody else played this piece??

7 thoughts on “Becker Gavotte – Suzuki Book 3

  1. You are doing great! I think you did well with the up bow staccato. Some of the legato parts don’t sound that easy but I think you did well.
    Congratulations to almost being finished with book 3! Curious to hear your vivaldi piece eventually.

    Right now I’m super busy mainly with concerto pieces since I have 5 of them now, the shortest being 8 min the longest being 20 min. And all of them are slightly above my current skill level so I’ve been working super hard… I still need to make a post about what they are, I think they are all pretty. My favourite of them is probably the symphony by Kraus (No 142)
    I’m also working intensely on vibrato and shifting since in Adagio for strings I need to shift upwards in steps up to 8th position I think… in a key with 5 flats which makes this very hard to play in tune. (Also need to play some parts in 2nd position).
    In Bach ( ) I have some super fast shifts to 3rd position and from 3rd to first as well which are ok in a normal speed, but in that fast speed it gets nearly impossible for me.
    Going to keep working hard.

    1. Woooow you must be excited with all those new concertos to learn!! I’m sure it is a lot of work. 5 concertos at once!!! Good luck with the vibrato and shifting! The 5 flats will be a real challenge I believe it! But you will certainly progress a lot with these concertos. It’s so great that you get to discover all that beautiful music. Every time I get started with a new piece I become so excited. :-)

      I listened to the links you posted. I think the Bach sounds really nice and fun to play! I’m looking forward to knowing more about the concertos you are learning now.

    2. Wow, those concerto pieces sound very hard and amount of them is overwhelming. I am waiting to hear some more thoughts about them :) I wish I had opportunity to play in orchestra – it’s rather long term dreem for me. I never realised how much work is with it, so I really appreciate what you’re doing. I have problems with shifting in tune to high 2nd from 5th in g minor during, so this 5 flat scale sounds insanely hard for me. Thing at shifting that drives me crazy are those atonal shifts – I’m not big fan of modern clasical music. Good luck with your vibrato, shifting and managing to practice such amount of material :)

  2. I have played that piece in September last year. I worked on it for about a month and never really finished it, becouse I started preparing competition pieces, which were more important at that time. You’ve done really great with those upbow staccato parts, they are so nice :) I never realised before use of this technique in this piece ;) You did also great at those tricky sttings crossing sixteen notes – they were my nightmare, when I played this piece and I’m not sure if I would be able to play them correctly now. It’s so exciting that you’re finishing book 3 :) I really love Seitz concertos in book 4, especially this first one :heart: Vivaldi is really exciting and the final piece – Bach double concerto is my dream piece to play in duo :heart: Vivaldi and Bach are quite tough, but very satisfying
    So many things has changed since my last visit here :) November school aniversary were postphoned. It will took place in the Spring. I am very happy with this solution – I have so much work that despite the fact that I have 4 (almost 5) days off, I know that I won’t be able to catch up all material that I have to prepare for my studies – I have about 400 pages to revise for the test. My repertoire due to this concerto date change has also evolved – I will be playing Haydn Concerto in G major (not sure about cadenza) and Komarowski Tarantella (I am almost done with this super hard part) as my solo pieces. The duo has changed from Vivaldi double concerto to Handel – Arrival of the Queen of Sheeba. When my teacher changed those pieces I really wanted to kill her, becouse finding time to learn more pieces is real challange for me, but then I realised that the second violin part is really easy, so I’m really glad that I won’t have much extra work. Time is so precious ;)

    1. Hi Emma, haha yeah those 16th notes were pretty horrible to learn indeed. But I focused at least as much on the up bow staccato too, I had a hard time making that sound good. I’m now fully focused on the last two pieces of Suzuki book 3! They are very beautiful and I love to play them. I’m not sure whether I will be doing the Seitz concertos… I am going to skip them for now, because I really really want to start with the Vivaldi as soon as possible. ;-) Maybe after doing that, I’ll try the Seitz concertos.

      I can imagine you didn’t like the idea of changing repertoire… I wish you good luck with your pieces. Luckily you will have more time to prepare for the school anniversary. Are you managing to find some time to practice? I hope you had a nice couple of days off (even though I’m sure you’ve been very busy in your off days)

      Wishing you all the best!!

      1. I really enjoyed playing Bach Gavotte :) I played Bouree and I was supposed to work on it with my teacher, but then we decided to play Humoresque on the competition and I haven’t finished the second Bach. I wish that you will have much fun playing Vivaldi. It’s a lovely composer and I really enjoy playing his pieces. I wish to play Vivaldi in a minor, especially 3rd movement one day ;)
        As it comes to practising I do my best to find time to practice and today I realised that I haven’t skipped a day for more than 50 days. It’s my longest strike without missing a day :) Hope to get to 100 :heart: I’m concentrating mainly on Haydn and Komarowski Tarantella as pieces. Moreover I’m working on repositioning my left hand thumb to get better vibrato :whistle:
        This weekend was really amasing – it was like charging of my internal bateries :heart: – I had sleep deficidncies last month :wacko:
        Can’t wait for your Vivaldi. Playing such repertoire is so exciting. Good luck :heart:

        1. Thanks Emma :-) How sad for you that you had sleep deficiencies, now with your busy life sleep is sooo important! YAY hope you get to 100 days without missing one day of practice!! Nice goal! ;-) And how is it going with repositioning your thumb? Is it hard to get used to??

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