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Humoresque by A. Dvorak

Hello dear followers! Today I share my recording of Humoresque by Dvorak. It’s the fourth piece in Suzuki Book 3 for violin. When I first saw this piece a couple of months ago, I thought this was a really difficult piece. Now that I started practicing this piece I noticed it wasn’t as hard as I thought. It’s not easy but it’s certainly doable.

With this piece I’ve been focusing on dynamics and shifting to third position. The dynamics were better live but by now I know it’s always worse on a recording. But still you can hear a bit of it. I did notice in the recording that again I seem to use too much bow for the sort notes. It’s funny actually because wen I started playing I received feedback that I wasn’t using enough bow and now I’m using too much… at least at some moments ;-)

My recording of Humoresque

As for 3rd position, in my version of the Suzuki book, there are no fingerings for 3rd position. So, I watched some videos to see where others use 3rd position. This was the first time that I had to do lots of shifting back and forth. I guess most of the time it was pretty accurate but a couple of times I also missed the shift… I hope my shifts become more accurate and faster in the near future. :-)

I’m also still using the book “Master third position with finger patterns” by Heather Broadbent. I’m now almost done practicing the second finger pattern. It’s really helping me a lot. I can feel it’s getting much easier to play in 3rd position. I hope to have finished all seven patterns by the end of next month.

Sources used to learn Humoresque

I also practiced playing along with recording below to get more familiar with the rhythm of the piece.

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