Practicing Vibrato - Wohlfahrt Op 45 Etude 13

Wohlfahrt Op 45 Etude 13

Hello everybody, this month I’ve been working on Wohlfahrt Op. 45 Etude 13. With this etude I’ve been focusing on using whole bows from frog to tip and practicing vibrato. I think my bowing is getting better. It feels easier to use the whole bow now. :-) I start every day playing open strings with whole bows, completely focusing on straight bowing and an even tone. I think it’s starting to pay off because I can bow straight most of the time without thinking of it!! Also bow bounces on whole bows almost never occurs. I’m happy with the tone on the long notes. It sounds pretty loud and sustained, so that’s very motivating!!

I do notice in the video that I never take the 16th notes at the extreme tip. I tend to go back to the middle of the bow. So I’ll keep working on that.

Practicing vibrato

Uffff the vibrato is giving me a hard time!!! I’m doing my best to be relaxed and get a nice vibrato but I notice that half of the time my vibrato is almost inaudible… or not as loud as I wish for. I’m doing vibrato exercises every day now and I hope my vibrato will become more audible in the next months. :-) Also I would like to be able to use vibrato on shorter notes.

I’ve started with vibrato when I was playing 8 months. However I didn’t practice it daily. Sometimes I was practicing vibrato for a week or so, then I stopped doing it. Now I know and understand that I have to practice vibrato every day for a very very long time to make it nice and consistent. So, I will keep practicing vibrato every day from now on! :-)

There are hundreds of videos on YouTube about practicing vibrato and many are very helpful. A couple of days ago I was watching some videos again, and I liked this one.

Lots of stuff I had already heard, but I hadn’t tried yet the first exercise she explains: a short siren from the wrist. I had never done the siren like this and I think it’s helping me to move my wrist better.

Last week I also watched this video by Eddy Chen about vibrato. Very interesting too and let’s me think that vibrato is something one can keep improving. He plays so well and has been playing for years, yet he shares how he is working to improve his vibrato. Amazing!

6 thoughts on “Wohlfahrt Op 45 #13 – Practicing Vibrato

  1. You are doing pretty fine. Your vibrato is slowly improving too!
    Random interesting thing… If you watch your arm and wrist closely you’ll notice that sometimes you use more wrist and sometimes you use more arm vibrato.XD For example 0:45 looks very much like arm vibrato to me. Just an observation, not really a critique.
    Also I think you should try using less bow for the short notes. My teacher always talks about me doing too long bow strokes on fast notes which makes you work harder and is therefore unnecessary… So I’m guessing you have the same problem. As far as I can tell it’s better at the frog but at the tip of the bow you sometimes use a lot of bow for the short notes. Maybe this helps. Good luck with your practice!

    1. Hi ChibiEdo, hehe that’s very true! Indeed, I seem to mix wrist and arm vibrato… Don’t know which one is easier now. The arm vibrato also happened without me noticing. It just happened… Lots of things to explore ;-)
      And indeed, especially at the tip I should learn to use less bow. Thanks for your comments! :-) Have a nice day!

  2. I love the etude final effect :) I am also practicing it right now. Your vibrato is getting better. Is sounds and looks preety decent espiecially when played with 2nd finger. Good work! I also have tough time with my vibrato :P
    Good observation Chibiedo, I would not realise this arm wrist vibrato thing. I also agree with you about using less bow on the string. Mariko pay some attention to using more or less the same amount of bow on the sixteenth notes, becouse sometimes it causes that the rythm you play is uneven.
    Chibiedo I think this etude would be also really good for you to play :) It would help you to improve your bowing ;)
    Mariko, your intonation is really good :) You play for only one year and the notes are really in tune. Most beginners struggle most with their intonation and you have done great work to play really in tune. Also your tone sounds really great. It’s no longer scratchy like several months ago :) Have a nice time :D

    1. Thank you Emma for your encouraging comment!! I have been working hard to improve my tone and intonation. And it’s getting much easier now. :-) It also really helps that I can hear the notes better, so to be able to find them in 3rd position too.

      You and ChibiEdo are totally right about my bow use for the 16th notes. I will think of that next time. I do find it hard to play fast notes near the tip. It seems as if my bow doesn’t produce much sound there if I use little bow. I’m still searching for the correct weight/speed near the tip.

      I will also keep practicing my vibrato, hope it gets easier / more relaxed soon.

      Good luck for you too with this etude. :good:

    2. I’ve also started practicing this etude and find it pretty challenging. I’m working with the metronome since I need rhythm practice. I also have a lot of problems with that particular finger pattern on the E string so the 16th notes are really hard. I think I am using little bow for the 16th notes (not sure what I do when I don’t pay attention though XD). I have to pay attention to using a whole bow for the dotted half note though.
      Also the chords are difficult to do really nicely.
      So there is a lot to work on with this etude, thanks for recommending it to me XD

      1. Yeah, the etude has many challenges. It seemed easy when I first listened to it, but it did give me quite some hard to time to get it to a decent level. Have fun with it ChibiEdo! :-)

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