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From the moment I started playing violin, I become interested with classical music. I were listening to many violin pieces – various concertos, miniatures, violin solo and many other. I have also started listening to other instruments and orchestral pieces and I fell with love with many of them. I thought that we may have a topic, where we would share some music that is inspiring for us and we really enjoy listening to it.
Last months I have discovered music of great pianist – Rachmaninoff. I have two of his pieces that I really adore – 1st movement of his 2nd piano concerto and prelude in g minor (which was also transcribed to violin). Here you have my favorite recordings of them.

Now I’m also starting a new piece on the violin. It was my teacher pick, but actually she actually chosen my favorite piece from classical period. I’m so happy with her choice. It’s 1st movement of Haydn Violin Concerto in G major.Right now I’m listening to many recordings of it and I’m a big fan of it. Didn’t expect to play it this year. It’s much easier than Komarowski Tarantella, that I am still working on. This piece has so much positive energy in it. It’s just like battery – you get really excited when you play it or listen to it :heart:

That’s things that I listen regularly right now. I’ve been also letting youtube to play me various playlists with various classical pieces. I have already went through Rimsky-Korsakov Schecheresade, Grieg Peer Gynt Suite and many other pieces that I didn’t know before.
And what you are listening now?

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Hi! I am late teen beginner. I've started playing violin one month before my 17th birthday. I am playing since September 2014. Before I tried to self-taught guitar for about two years.

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  1. Hi Emma, those are really beautiful pieces! Thanks for sharing the videos here. From the three you shared, I especially liked the second: Rachmaninoff Prelude in g minor. I really liked how the pianist played it. :-)

    I’m sure you will have a lot of fun playing Haydn Violin Concerto in G major!!

    I too listen more to classical music since I started playing the violin, especially violin music!! :yahoo:

    Here are two pieces I really like listening to: Vivaldi Violin Concerto in A minor and Paganini Concerto no. 1

    Also I’m listening a lot now to Bach Cello Suite 1 Prelude because I’m learning to play this now.

  2. As it comes to pianist – she’s name is Valentina Lisitsa and I really like her music. She played wonderfully Liszt-Paganini La Campanella and Beethoven Moonlight Sonata.
    I really like those three pieces too – I had opportunity to listen to 1st movement of Vivaldi played by my teacher other student this July and it’s a wonderful piece. I also listened to 1st Paganini Concerto, but I didn’t have opportunity to listen to Mintz version before. Bach suite is great. I really like Bach Gavotte en Rondeau from his Violin Partita in E major. As it comes to solo works for violin Telemann fantasias are also wonderfull – especially 10th.

  3. Just listened to Hilary Hahn playing Bach Partita 3… It’s so beautiful!!! I should take the time to listen to all Bach partitas. To get to know them better. Before starting to play the violin I had not even heard about them. Now I’ve listened to some but want to get to know them better.

  4. I didn’t know well Bach partitas for very long time, fell in love with them several months ago, starting from this Gavotte. My teacher played me recently part of Chaconne from 2nd partita on two different violis and I have to compare them. I was more excited to listen to this piece live, than to comparing those violins :heart: It’s such a beautiful piece.
    Now I’ve been learning med stuff and listening to Brahms Violin Concerto. It was also underestimated by me for really long time, but now I fell in love in it’s 3rd movement. :heart: Here is whole piece by Hilary Hahn:

  5. New to the party, but… lately I’ve been seeing a lot of YouTube videos by late beginners learning string instruments, and I love it because that’s where I was 17 years ago. (I started viola at 17, self-taught because the teachers my parents and I contacted all said I was too old to learn, and I’m still very actively playing at 34.)

    So this isn’t going to be violin, but viola — this is the Walton viola concerto, the piece I heard that convinced me to learn the viola. 17 years later, I think I’m just about ready to start tackling this piece myself. :-)

  6. Hi AndrewH, thanks so much for sharing this beautiful concerto!! And it’s so wonderful that you will now be able to play this piece that inspired you to start learning viola. That must be a wonderful feeling for you!! Have you been self-taught the entire 17 years? Or were you able to find a teacher later on?
    Wishing you lots of good luck and fun while learning the concerto. Hope to hear how it works out for you. :-)

  7. Mostly self taught, except that I took lessons for four months in 2016, twice per month. I had to stop because it was hard for a working adult to schedule lessons with the teacher I had, but the lessons still helped a lot with my bowing technique.

  8. I can believe that a couple of lessons is very helpful for technique. And I think it’s amazing that apart from that you have been self-taught for such a long time without giving up!!

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