Gavotte in G minor by Bach - Suzuki Book 3

Gavotte in G minor by Bach

Gavotte in G minor is the third piece in Suzuki Book 3 for violin. Apparently, Suzuki Book 3 is about learning to play in minor keys. :yahoo: I usually like pieces in minor keys and this one is no exception. I loved it immediately! Playing in G minor has some challenges, like low finger one. After playing low 1 other notes tend to go flat too, so that’s something to pay attention to. To be honest, I didn’t practice this piece for a long time. Just a couple of days. It didn’t seem to be so hard. Maybe it is because I had been practicing scales and etudes with two or three flat notes for quite some time.

And I love the flow of the piece. It’s like a river flowing in the woods. That’s what I imagine when hearing/playing the piece. I didn’t know that Gavotte is a dance. I wondered why so many people wrote pieces with the name Gavotte LOL So it’s a dance. And this one certainly made me want to dance. I had actually quite some fun with this piece. It seemed that I started the piece pretty slow and by the end of the piece I was playing much faster. However for the recording I tried to stick to one speed for the entire piece.

There is a part in the piece where my intonation is quite off. I heard it in the recording. :-( But since I want to completely focus on my etude and the Bach suite this month, I’m going to be happy with where the Gavotte in G minor is now. Overall I think intonation wasn’t that bad. However, if I would play it again in the future, I would focus on adding more vibrato and dynamics. And obviously correct the intonation.

Resources to learn Gavotte in G minor by Bach

The website has a great page about this piece. It describes some difficult measures and which spots are important to pay attention to intonation.

I also found the lesson by Allyson very interesting.

6 thoughts on “Gavotte in G minor by Bach – Suzuki book 3

  1. I really like the way you played this gavotte. The intonation issues wasn’t that bad. It was in tune most of the time. You have rushed maybe one or two times throughout the piece, so it’s really good result. The bow is also straight and it’s distribution is really nice.
    I have never imagined any pictures when I play music. Sometimes, when I listen to music I am imagining something visually. For example Sibelius Concerto opening brings to me picture of a man lost in snow desert. I think I should start creating stories connected to pieces. I’ve heard it helps to put some emotions to this piece.
    The thing that annoys me most in this key is E flat on a string. I don’t like low 4s, so it is not my favourite key.
    It’s funny story with this Gavotte name :heart: In my Polish violin book there were short descriptions of a type of music or technical issues, so I found that information there. The same with Minuets, Mazurkas and some other dances.
    As it comes to speeding, I remember, when I played first time with my pianist. We were playing Humoresque and I started so slowly that I couldn’t manage long notes and he was playing like a metronome. It was so strange feeling. When I played before with my teacher accompanying me she were pushing me forward with the tempo, because I tend to play really slow that time. In June I had a a strange humor that day and I was very impatient, so I were really rushing through my solo pieces. Then my duo partner commented ‘Och, you can play fast.’ It was really strange for me – I really like to have control on every aspect of me playing, especially when I play for my teacher and when I play too fast I lose that control. I like to play fast at home, when only my family listens. It’s my comfort zone ;-)

    1. I think I got used to the low 4th finger now. :-) Some etudes with low 4 have really helped me to get used to it.

      It’s funny to read your story about playing slow and wanting to be in control of every aspect of your playing. I too find that playing fast gives me less control. But one of the violin teachers on YouTube said that to learn to play fast you have to practice fast. Of course, first you practice slowly to get the notes right etc. But in the end you just have to play fast to learn to play fast because it is indeed different from playing slowly. Because playing fast requires different technique than playing slowly. I don’t remember who said it, but it seems to be true.

      I will start with Humoresque next month, I’m very excited about it. It’s such a beautiful piece! I hope I can hold the long notes long enough!! ;-)

      1. I also agree with the fact to play fast you have to practice fast. I had very big problem with playing fast in the first year, but then it became easier with practice. I feel like practice is a treatment for each problem that we meet in our journey.
        When I played Humoresque that time I started so slow that I couldn’t manage with these long notes. I think that when you will start at normal tempo you won’t have any problems with that. I am big fan of Humoresque and my teacher often gives it to her students. I have returned to working on this piece three times, before finishing it, but it was really worth it :heart:
        I am also starting new piece that my teacher gave me – 1st movement of Haydn G major concerto. I am really excited about it. It’s my favorite piece from classical period, although I prefer romantic music. Can’t wait to practice it. I have already spend an hour on it after my lesson.

  2. This sounded really beautiful. I really love this piece I can’t wait till I can also practice it but really busy with other things now. Asides from the intonation issues you pointed out I think the rest of the intonation was quite good~

    By the way totally random but my teacher told me that it’s great how excited I am about learning anything on the violin and practicing hard and thereby improving rapidly. And that I’m always eager to learn new things. And she said that people like this are rare. So I’m pretty sure you and Emma belong to that rare group as well XD So be very proud of that fact.

    1. Thanks ChibiEdo, makes me happy to hear that you liked, especially since you said before that you liked this piece a lot. I’m glad it turned out well! :-)
      Hehe I think we’re in that group indeed!!! :yahoo: I’m always excited about the violin and every day I’m happy when I can start practicing the violin! Hope it will stay like that, and for you too!

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