Bach Minuet - 15 months violin progress

Bach Minuet – Suzuki Book 3

The Bach Minuet is a piece that I really enjoy to play. I’ve been practicing the piece all month and I’ve enjoyed it every day. :-) The first part is nice, but the second part is absolutely beautiful! I like the change from major to minor key so much!

I found some interesting advice for this piece on the website This video has also been very useful to learn this piece.

As Allyson explains, Bach Minuet is a great piece to focus on clean string crossings and bow distribution. I think one of my weak points is that I tend to not use enough bow. And when I try to use more bow then it doesn’t sound good and my bow goes crooked. :-( I’ve tried to get better at that after watching this video. I also added two tapes to my bow and I’m pushing myself to use the entire part of the bow that’s between the tapes. While I play it feels as if I’m using a lot of bow but when I watch the recording I can see that most of the time I’m not using that much bow. So I will certainly keep working on that.

Also, I noticed my bow still goes crooked, especially on the E string and when playing near the tip.

Sadly, intonation is still a bit off in some measures but overall I’m pretty happy with the result.

All feedback is welcome. :-) Soon, I will post number 3 from Suzuki Book 3.

8 thoughts on “15 months progress – Bach Minuet

  1. I think your bow is pretty straight most of the time. I wonder how mine is at the moment… I really need to do another recording soon but converting it always takes so much time that I have to be especially motivated to do a recording…xD It has been a while though so it’s really time to do one again to see my current progress better.

    I think you played this really well, your sound quality is really nice! I also like the 2nd part of the song much more than the first part. Not that big of a fan of the first part maybe because I heard it so often already? I don’t really know why…XD But you played it really well so great job!

    1. Thank you so much! I makes me happy to hear that. I wished I were able to play without the squeaks but at least in general my tone is improving. :-) It encourages me to read your comments! :-)

      I’m looking forward to a new recording to see your progress! Which piece are you thinking to record?

  2. I also think that your bow is straight. You also have good bow management. Scratchiness has disappeared compared to your previous recordings and your tone is really good. I have also played that piece about a year ago and I have much bigger problems with bowing than you. My bowing has started improving when I changed my first bow that wasn’t straight to a new straight one about six months ago. It was a big change for me and now when I try to play with my other bow I can’t – it gets crocked and flies off the string.
    I was also a fan of this second part of this piece – it is much more interesting than the first part. It was one of my favorite pieces to play from Suzuki book 3, which is for me best in the series.
    I am also waiting for your recording Chibiedo :) I will try to record something next week when I will get a new set of strings (now I have strings from 3 different sets on my violin). My teacher string choice is Thomastik Spirocore and now I have one of these on my D string. It’s feeling much harder than my other strings, but it has strong deep sound. I’m thinking about recording some etudes – Wolfahrts and 2nd and 3rd part of Kuchler Concertino in Vivaldi style.

    1. Hehe good to hear that you think that my bowing is pretty straight. It goes straight most of the time, but on the E string and near the tip of the bow I should improve my bowing.

      Ah I can imagine it’s very hard to play with a bow that isn’t straight!!! :wacko: Luckily you have a better bow now!

      I’m looking forward to your recording Emma!

    2. I planned to record something today but then I didn’t feel the pieces I wanted to record were good enough so I was frustrated..XD I practiced a lot today, at least 1.5 hours I think.
      I also think I really improved a lot today as well so I’m at least content haha.
      Also practicing 2nd position now and it’s going better than I thought.
      Among the pieces I want to record is also perpetual motion from suzuki 1 which I’m going to play with spiccato. I think it’s working nicely most of the time but I sometimes forget what I have to play and then I stumble (since I’m playing by memory).
      Maybe I’ll get myself to record tomorrow. If not tomorrow then it might probably be a while since I’ll have a lot of busy weekends.

      I also can’t wait to hear another recording of you!

  3. I have my 2 years violin anniversary at 23rd of September, so I will try to post something this month.
    It wasn’t that hard at the very beginning, but then I realized that my left hand isn’t developing at equal pace to my right arm – I used not enough bow, had it strongly leaning toward the fingerboard, since hair was twisted little. Now I’m doing much better, but still have some problems that I should get rid of due to this crocked bow. I wish I could have straight bow from the very beginning.

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