Wohlfahrt Op 45 Violin Etude 12 - Playing flats

Wohlfahrt Op 45 Etude 12

Hello everybody, as you all know I really do like to practice etudes and this month I’ve been practicing Wohlfahrt Etude 12. This etude especially focuses on playing flats since it has 3 flats. It’s a pretty nice etude and it’s great to work on bow distribution. Every measure has three 8th notes and you should use as much bow for the first note as for the two following notes together. So the down bow is fast and the up bow is slower to use exactly the same amount of bow. This way the first note is also accented.

Playing flats

I focused a lot on intonation with this etude. It has three flats so lots of low fingers. When playing low 1, low 2 and low 4 it’s very easy to start moving your hand closer to the scroll. But then the natural notes will be out of tune. So to keep my hand in the correct position while playing flats, I focused on the correct intonation of D on the A string and G on the D string. If those notes are in tune, then they resonate well. So every time I played the 3rd finger I tried to check that I was still in tune. Hopefully that worked out. :-) And I think this way, I haven’t moved up my hand towards the scroll. Anyway I’m pretty happy with the result!

My next violin etude

So, what’s up next? Until now I had been skipping etudes or jumping around in the etude book. I also played etudes from other books. But I’ve decided to just stick with the Wohlfahrt etudes for now and do them in order. I had practiced the first 11 etudes at some moment and that’s why I chose the number 12 for this month. Now I will just be continuing with number 13 and so on. I don’t know if I will be doing the entire book, but we’ll see how it goes. :-) I’m sure I will learn something new with every etude.

2 thoughts on “Wohlfahrt Op 45 #12: Playing flats

  1. You did great with that etude! And good luck with doing more wohlfahrt etudes~ There are so many great etudes in this world it’s hard to decide what to practice on. wohlfahrt op 45 is also on my todo list but not working on it right now. Working a lot on certain etudes in wohlfahrt easiest elemtary method though. Because they cater DIRECTLY to my weaknesses which is why they take sooo long to get right. I think I already mentioned them before because they are still the same ones.XD I did continue a bit more but keep repeating those as well because they are a great training for finger reach and 4th finger. In slurs which is what makes them so hard. I think without the slurs it would be way easier.
    I’m also practicing elves dance and on the first page that one measure where you have to jump from first finger G string to 4th finger D string I’m struggling really hard with that one. I’m finally able to feel an improvement in my 4th finger strength again and getting better at high 3+4th finger (back and forth) slur. The hard work is finally paying off which makes practicing that way more fun.XD i also finally have a violin lesson again next week which makes me really excited! Can’t wait to show her the progress in the etude and piece she gave me~

    1. I totally agree with you that it is hard to choose which etudes and pieces to play since there are so many. Before I wanted to do them all and used several books. Jumped form on to the other. But for now I want to stick with Wohlfahrt and see how far I get with it. I’m happy to hear that you still very much like Wohlfahrt Elementary method.

      Oh I remember that measure from Elves Dance. I think even at the moment of recording that measure still wasn’t really clean. And then there is the part on the second page, measures 33 and 34. Those are the measures I’ve practiced most, soooo hard to get them right…

      I’m sure you must be excited to have violin lessons again!! Wish you all the best!!

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